WOW PARK Billund

Take a walk in the past

Here, you will find wild rides, crazy challenges, and good times for the whole family. You can have fun together all day – climbing in the trees, running around the forest, playing with water, and even exploring underground – all in a safe and beautiful environment. 

Spanning an area larger than 40 soccer fields, WOW Park provides plenty of open space and fresh air, featuring sky-high fun in the wilderness set to a chorus of happy laughter and beautiful birdsong.

Explore the treetops, 14 meters high
Play among the treetops, run along suspension bridges, and zoom down giant slides to the forest floor.  Bounce atop enormous GIGA-nets stretched among the branches.

Swing from limb to limb
Challenge each other on swings of all sizes – cozy fun for toddlers, an extreme thrill for teenages, and great fun for the entire family.

Discover an underground world
Crawl through secret hideaways under the forest floor and chase each other through the Giant Labyrinth. 

Visit the Water World and the Creative Workshop
Fill-and-spill buckets of water, sail a miniature steamboat, and build dams to redirect a river’s flow.  Hang out for hours in the Park makerspace, using tools, paint, and a variety of fun materials to design your own fantasy figures – and then take them home!

Make up your own games and meet the friendly goats
Play some aerial football, challenge each other to a viking game, or chill out in the toddler play area.  Cozy up to our sweet goats, who love to eat food right from a friendly hand. 

Enjoy a picnic meal or feast in the Forest Restaurant
Bring your own food to grill, cook over an open fire, or treat yourself to a tasty lunch or dinner in the WOW PARK café.  Enjoy roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or popcorn in the cozy outdoor picnic area.

Seeya at the world’s greatest forest park… WOW PARK!




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