Pentecost Getaway

Our selection of Pentecost stays is designed to cater to all needs and desires. Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat, adventurous escapades, or culinary delights, we have the perfect stay for you. Choose from charming seaside hotels, idyllic countryside retreats, or modern city hotels.

See our selection of Pentecost getaways

  • Luxury Break - 1 night

    Includes per person stay:

    • Welcome gift
    • 4-course dinner
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast

    Luxury Break - 1 night : Luxury Break - 1 night
  • Brasserie stay

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 1 x afternoon coffee and cake upon arrival
    • 1 x 4 -course menu (Chefs choice)
    • 1 x Overnight accommodation
    • 1 x Breakfast
    Brasserie stay : Brasserie stay
  • Luxury Weekend

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Pre dinner drink
    • 4-course menu
    • Wine, beer or juice menu
    • Benniksgaard coffe
    • Breakfast buffet

    Luxury Weekend : Luxury Weekend
  • Inn minibreak

    3 days/2 nights

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 1 x coffe/tea and cake on arrival
    • 1 x 2-course menu on day of arrival
    • 1 x 3-course menu
    • 2 x overnight accommodation
    • 2 x breakfast

    Please note the menus are chef's choice.

    Inn minibreak : Inn minibreak
  • Spring & Summer stay

    Inkluderer pr. person pr. nat:

    • 1 glass of wine in the afternoon
    • 4-course menu
    • Coffee with sweets
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast buffet
    • Please note for children age 4-12 the rate includes a 2-course children’s menu
    Spring & Summer stay : Spring & Summer stay
  • Gastronomy stay

    Gastronomisk getaway

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Pre-dinner drink
    • 6 -course menu /Chefs’ choice) Wine menu
    • Coffee, avec and sweets
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast
    Gastronomy stay : Gastronomy stay
  • Mini Break

    Minimum 3 days / 2 nights

    Includes per person per night:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • breakfast buffet
    • 2-course menu or buffet (chef's choice)  (Restaurant directions at arrival)
    • Free coffee/tea in the room Free entrance to Fitness Jutlandia
    Mini Break : Mini Break
  • Weekend stay 2 nights

    Arrival Friday. Book min 3 days before arrival.

    Includes per person:


    • 2-course dinner (chef's choice)
    • Overnight accommodation


    • Breakfast in the restaurant
    • 3-course dinner (chef's choice)
    • Overnight accommodation


    • Breakfast in the restaurant
    Weekend stay 2 nights : Weekend stay 2 nights
  • Minibreak in Thy - 3 days

    3 days/ 2 night -Arrival Sunday – Thursday

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Afternoon coffee and cake
    • Wienerschnitzel for dinner day 1
    • Hotel Thinggaard casserole for dinner day 2
    • 2 x overnight accommodation
    • 2 x Breakfast
    Minibreak in Thy - 3 days : Minibreak in Thy - 3 days
  • Aarhus Get away

    Includes per person per night:

    • 3-course menu (Chef's choice)
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast

    Aarhus Get away : Aarhus Get away
  • Inn Holiday

    3 nights / 4 days

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Day 1: Today's steak or fish
                 Overnight accommodation
    • Day 2: Breakfast
                 2-course menu chef's choice
                 Overnight accommodation
    • Day 3: Breakfast
                 Afternoon coffee and home made cake
                 3-course menu (chefs choice)
                 Overnight accommodation
    • Day 4: Breakfast

    Inn Holiday : Inn Holiday
  • Moments of Happiness

    3 Days / 2 nights

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 2 x overnight stay
    • 2 x buffet breakfast
    • 2 x afternoon coffee/tea with cake
    • 2 x 3-course dinner
    Moments of Happiness : Moments of Happiness

"Hygge" with family and friends

Welcome to Small Danish Hotels, where we invite you to create unforgettable memories on your next Pentecost getaway. We understand that holidays like Pentecost are a special time for relaxation and connection with those you hold dear. Therefore, we have tailored an exclusive experience for you and your family.

Why Choose a Pentecost Stay with Small Danish Hotels?

Unique Experiences: Our Pentecost stays offer a wide range of activities, from relaxing spa treatments to thrilling outdoor adventures. There's something for every taste and interest.

Local Delicacies: Indulge in authentic Danish culinary experiences with our Pentecost stays, featuring culinary masterpieces based on local ingredients. Our hotels have dedicated chefs who transform meals into unforgettable experiences.

Comfortable Facilities: Immerse yourself in comfort and amenities at our extensive selection of inns and hotels. We are dedicated to creating a stay where both individual travelers and groups can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a variety of facilities that exceed expectations.

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