Castle hotel

Live life as counts and barons - if only for a while. A castle stay or a manor house stay in Denmark is ideal for those who want to live the life of counts and barons or are looking for a romantic weekend for two. Staying at a castle provides a historical ambiance and a unique atmosphere.

Luxury and elegance in beautiful destinations
Our castle hotels are jewels in Denmark's crown, known for their luxury and elegance. Stay in lavish rooms surrounded by antiques and impressive architecture. Whether you're into romantic weekend getaways or want to host an adventure in royal surroundings, we have the perfect setting for your dream vacation.

Manor stays - History and charm
Manor stays at our destinations offer a charming blend of history and the present. Explore beautifully preserved gardens, dine in elegant dining rooms, and relax in comfortable rooms. The manors are perfect for those seeking an authentic and peaceful holiday.

Culinary experiences - Taste the delicacies of the past and present
While at our castle hotels and manor stays, you can indulge your taste buds with authentic and modern delicacies. Our restaurants serve a treasure trove of culinary experiences that combine local ingredients with international culinary creativity.

Activities and excursions - Discover the treasures of the local area
Explore the area's cultural attractions, beautiful landscapes, and activities like golf and horseback riding. Our destinations allow you to experience everything the local area has to offer.

When you choose a stay at one of our castle hotels or manor stays, you choose a journey to the past where history and elegance merge with modern luxury. Book your historical experience today and let us together create unforgettable memories. Welcome to Small Danish Hotels - where the grandeur of history lives on.

Experience the grandeur of the past at our castle hotels and manor stays

  • Manor stay

    Small Danish Hotels invites you to step into a world of elegance, history, and opulence with our exclusive Manor Stays. Our manors represent the finest of Danish cultural heritage and architecture, and our stays are designed to let you fully immerse yourself in it.

    Manor stay : Manor stay