Weekend getaways

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable weekend where you can relax in beautiful places in Denmark, enjoy good food, be with your loved ones, or perhaps immerse yourself in culture and music? At Small Danish Hotels, we have tailored weekend getaways that exude charm, comfort, and cultural experiences. Our selection is diverse, ranging from stays in vibrant Jutland, cultural Zealand to the idyllic atmosphere on Funen. No matter where you choose to spend your weekend, we are here to ensure it becomes a memorable experience.

Your destination for weekend getaways and cultural and musical adventures

  • weekend getaway Jutland

    We invite you to explore Jutland on an unforgettable weekend getaway. Our destinations in Jutland offer a treasure trove of experiences, ranging from breathtaking nature to cultural gems. Whether you're seeking peace and relaxation or adventure and activities, we have the perfect weekend getaway for you.

    Weekend getaway Jutland : weekend getaway Jutland
  • Weekend getaway Zealand

    We would like to invite you to explore Zealand on an enchanting weekend getaway. Our destinations in Zealand offer a unique blend of history, culture, and the beauty of nature. Whether you wish to immerse yourself in art and culture, explore historical sites, or simply relax by the coast, we have the perfect weekend getaway for you.

    Weekend getaway Zealand : Weekend getaway Zealand
  • Weekend getaway Funen

    Take a enchanting weekend getaway to Funen. Our destinations on Funen offer a unique combination of beautiful nature, culture, and coziness. Whether you want to delve into the island's history, explore beautiful gardens, or simply relax in charming surroundings, we have the perfect weekend getaway for you.

    Weekend getaway Funen : Weekend getaway Funen
  • Cultural and musical adventures

    Many inns and hotels offer a weekend stay with an extra entertaining twist. It could be a concert featuring a popular orchestra, a show, a stand-up comedian, or something entirely different. Just know that such weekend getaways have a tendency to sell out quickly.

    Cultural and musical adventures : Cultural and musical adventures

Weekend getaways in Jutland - Discover the beauty of the west coast
Jutland is a treasure trove of unique experiences, and our weekend getaways here are nothing short of an invitation to explore the region's diversity. Embark on adventures along the breathtaking west coast, where long beaches and charming fishing villages await. Explore cultural gems like Aarhus or cozy historic towns like Ribe. Whatever your preference, we have a stay that suits you.

Weekend getaways in Zealand - Culture and history in perfect harmony
Zealand offers a blend of cultural treasures and natural beauty. Our weekend getaways in Zealand allow you to explore historical castles, modern art galleries, and beautiful parks. You can also enjoy the vibrant city life in Copenhagen or relax along the picturesque coastlines. Whether you're into art, culture, or nature experiences, Zealand has something for every taste.

Weekend getaways on Funen - The idyllic island with charming hosts
Funen, the enchanting island in the heart of Denmark, is the perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. Here, you can explore the beautiful gardens in Odense, follow in the footsteps of H.C. Andersen, or enjoy the peaceful island life. Our weekend getaways on Funen epitomize romance and idyllic charm, and it's an experience you'll remember for a long time.

Cultural and musical adventures - Experience Denmark's cultural treasures
In addition to our weekend getaways, we also offer a range of cultural and musical adventures that take you to the most exciting events and concerts around the country. Whether you're into classical music, modern art exhibitions, or theater performances, we've packed the best of Denmark's cultural treasures for you.

Your weekend should be more than just a break; it should be an enriching experience. At Small Danish Hotels, we work hard to ensure that every weekend you spend with us is filled with memorable moments that stay with you. Don't miss the chance to create your own cultural and musical adventures with us. Book your weekend getaway today and let us guide you through the beauty and culture of Denmark. Welcome to Small Danish Hotels - where every weekend is a unique story.