We make the bed across Denmark

We are excited about our alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts. This means that you can explore a world of opportunities with our more than 3,700 hotel rooms, spread across 51 charming and unique hotels and inns throughout the country. It also means that you can start your morning with one of our 51 different and delicious breakfast buffets.

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Even more opportunities for you

The Hotel Alliance opens the doors to a wide range of exciting experiences at Best Western Hotels & Resorts' renowned hotels as well as our unique selection of charming and independent hotels throughout Denmark. Whether you prefer modern luxury, historical charm, or idyllic coastal gems, there is a perfect place for you.

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking view of the sea or exploring the historic streets of a Danish town, all while earning Benefits points. As a member of the Benefits program, your journey becomes even more rewarding. The more nights you spend at Small Danish Hotels and our SDH Partner Hotels from Best Western Hotels & Resorts, the more points you earn, and the more benefits and privileges you gain access to.

Plan your stay now

Start planning your next trip to Denmark and dream big. With The Hotel Alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts, your options are endless. Experience Denmark's natural beauty, cultural attractions, and hospitality in a whole new way, all while earning Benefits points and enjoying the perks of being a member of our exclusive program.

Don't hesitate to make your reservations today and begin your journey to exciting destinations throughout Denmark. Let our alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts be the key to a world of rewards and unforgettable experiences. Our goal is to make your journey even more valuable, and with our new partnership, we are confident that you will experience just that. Travel, earn, reward - it's that simple! We set the table across Denmark.

NOTE: Small Danish Hotels gift cards cannot be used at our partner hotels - SDH Partner Hotel.

Even more hotels where you can earn Benefits points

As a member of the Benefits guest club, you get the best deals on inn and hotel stays, inspiration for new experiences, and at the same time, you earn points for new stays, restaurant visits, or delicious gift items in our points shop - and it's free to join.

With our alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts, you now have even more hotels where you can stay and earn points.