weekend getaway Jutland

We invite you to explore Jutland on an unforgettable weekend getaway. Our destinations in Jutland offer a treasure trove of experiences, ranging from breathtaking nature to cultural gems. Whether you're seeking peace and relaxation or adventure and activities, we have the perfect weekend getaway for you.

Weekend getaway in Jutland: Experience the best of the west

  • Weekendstay

    2 dage / 1 nat

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast buffet
    • Afternoon coffee/tea with cake
    • Welcoming drink or dessert wine
    • 3-course menu, coffee/tea

    If you got any food allergies please inform of this before arrival.

    Weekendstay : Weekendstay
  • Weekend stay

    3 days/ 2 nights

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 2 x 3-course dinner
    • 2 x overnight accommodation
    • 2 x breakfast buffet
    Weekend stay : Weekend stay
  • Weekendstay 2 nights

    3 days / 2 nights

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 2 x Overnight accommodation
    • 2 x Breakfast buffet
    • 1 x 2-course menu
    • 1 x afternoon coffee with sweets
    • 1 x 5-course menu
    Weekendstay 2 nights : Weekendstay 2 nights
  • Classic stay

    No arrival on Sundays

    Includes per person per night:

    • 1x three-course dinner
    • 1x coffee/tea
    • 1x overnight stay
    • 1x buffet breakfast

    In case your reservation includes child/ren under 13 years;
    the rate does not include any dinner for the child/ren.

    Classic weekend stay : Classic stay
  • Weekend Break


    Includes per person per night:

    • Aperitif & appetizer
    • 3-course menu Wine ad libitum from buffet
    • Overnight stay
    • Buffet breakfast
    Weekend Break : Weekend Break
  • Weekend- and everyday stay

    Includes per person per day:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast buffet
    • Coffee/tea and homemade cake
    • 3-course gourmet dinner
    • We suggest that you see Nationalpark Thy

    Weekend- and everyday stay : Weekend- and everyday stay
  • Weekend Stay 2 nights

    3 days/ 2 nights

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Afternoon coffee and cake
    • 1x 3-course menu
    • 1x 3-course season menu
    • 2 x overnight accommodation
    • 2 x breakfast buffet
    Weekend Stay 2 nights : Weekend Stay 2 nights

Weekend getaways in Jutland - Nature, culture, and comfort
Our weekend getaways in Jutland combine comfortable accommodation options with the beauty of nature and cultural treasures. Choose from charming inns, modern city hotels, or luxurious beachfront hotels. Regardless of your choice, you can expect an unforgettable experience.

Nature adventures - Explore Jutland's natural beauty
Jutland offers diverse nature, ranging from coastlines to forests and lakes. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, or simply wish to relax by the water, our destinations provide the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Cultural experiences - History and traditions
Discover Jutland's rich cultural heritage by visiting local museums, historical landmarks, and traditional events. Our destinations allow you to explore the area's history and cultural treasures.

Gastronomic adventures - Taste the local cuisine
During our weekend getaways in Jutland, you can also enjoy gastronomic adventures. Try local dishes and specialties at our restaurants, where cooking is an art form.

Whether you're into nature, culture, or gastronomy, a weekend getaway in Jutland has something to offer you. Book your next weekend vacation in Jutland today and let us together create unforgettable memories. With us, weekend getaways become lifelong experiences.