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Welcome to our universe of stays and experiences for every taste. Here you can find inspiration for your next stay at Small Danish Hotels' cozy inns and delightful hotels.

We have gathered a variety of great stays, covering everything from weekend getaways, spa and wellness, active holidays, a trip to the city, to stays at an inn.

Inn and hotel stays

Explore all our delightful stays. Find the stay that suits you and yours and take a closer look at our hotels and inns, and precisely the stays they offer.

  • Weekend getaways

    Are you dreaming of an unforgettable weekend where you can relax in beautiful places in Denmark, enjoy good food, be with your loved ones, or perhaps immerse yourself in culture and music? At Small Danish Hotels, we have tailored weekend getaways that exude charm, comfort, and cultural experiences. Our selection is diverse, ranging from stays in vibrant Jutland, cultural Zealand to the idyllic atmosphere on Funen. No matter where you choose to spend your weekend, we are here to ensure it becomes a memorable experience.

    Weekend getaways : Weekend getaways
  • Spa retreats

    Do you need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and pamper yourself with deep relaxation and well-being? At Small Danish Hotels, we understand the importance of rejuvenating both body and mind. Our spa breaks, wellness retreats, and health stays are designed to offer you an experience of luxury, tranquility, and renewed energy. We have carefully selected the finest destinations throughout Denmark where you can indulge yourself and find balance.

    Spa retreat : Spa retreats
  • Inn stays

    Our inns exude Danish food, culture, and history. Here you'll meet accommodating hosts who take great pride in providing you with the best experience, whether it's about gastronomy, coziness, relaxation, or experiences. With us, you'll find inns that cater to your desires - ranging from homely to Michelin-starred.

    Inn stays : Inn stays
  • Seaside hotels

    Experience ultimate relaxation along the Danish coasts at one of our delightful seaside hotels. Wake up to the sound of the waves, enjoy refreshing sea views, freshly brewed coffee, and a stroll in the sand. Our unique seaside hotels combine elegance, gastronomy, and the scent of sea breeze-dried linens with the soothing atmosphere of the sea.

    Seaside hotels : Seaside hotels
  • Gourmet stays

    Embark on a culinary journey with an exclusive gourmet stay at one of Denmark's finest hotels or inns. Several of our hotels have dedicated themselves to delivering an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Imagine indulging your taste buds with some of the country's most exquisite dishes while enjoying luxurious accommodation and exceptional service. During a gourmet stay, you can expect an attention-grabbing experience from start to finish.

    Gourmet stays : Gourmet stays
  • Romantic getaway

    Are you looking for the perfect place to celebrate love, create unforgettable memories, and immerse yourselves in romance? At Small Danish Hotels, we specialize in romantic stays and couple's experiences that take you to heartwarming destinations in Jutland, Funen, and Zealand. Let us be your hosts for your romantic getaway, Valentine's Day, or simply a retreat for two.

    Romantic getaways : Romantic getaway
  • Holidays and seasons

    The year is filled with holidays and seasons that invite doing something extra or different from the everyday routine. Whether you're with family and friends or enjoying it alone on a trip, at Small Danish Hotels, we offer stays for the special holidays and seasons of the year. Perhaps you need ideas for stays during Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine's Day, autumn, summer, or winter breaks? You'll find a wide selection with us.

    Holidays and seasons : Holidays and seasons
  • Active Holiday

    Dreaming of an active holiday that combines action and comfort in beautiful surroundings? At Small Danish Hotels, we have carefully chosen destinations throughout Denmark that allow you to explore nature, play golf, or embark on an exciting bike ride. Let us take you on a journey where an active vacation turns into unforgettable experiences.

    Active Holiday : Active Holiday
  • Mini break

    If you want to experience Denmark, it's ideal to combine it with a lovely hotel stay. It provides peace and time to fully enjoy the experience, whether it's nature, the city, or attractions that have drawn you. On a short break, you'll have time to explore the surrounding area, enjoy good local food, and relax with a good book or a game.

    Mini breaks : Mini break
  • Castle hotel

    Live life as counts and barons - if only for a while. A castle stay or a manor house stay in Denmark is ideal for those who want to live the life of counts and barons or are looking for a romantic weekend for two. Staying at a castle provides a historical ambiance and a unique atmosphere.

    Castle hotel : Castle hotel

Experience magical moments at our unique stays and experiences

Welcome to Small Danish Hotels, where we invite you to a world filled with unforgettable moments and great experiences. Whether you dream of a relaxing weekend, a rejuvenating spa getaway, a historic inn, a romantic escape, a gourmet experience, or an active holiday, we have the perfect place for you. Our destinations across Denmark allow you to explore the beauty and richness of Denmark in comfortable surroundings.

Weekend getaways - A break from everyday life
In need of a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Our weekend getaways offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy wonderful moments. Explore the local area, savor gourmet cuisine, and find peace in our cozy rooms and suites.

Spa retreats - Indulge in wellness
Our spa retreats are designed to provide you with peace and renewal. Pamper yourself with relaxing treatments, enjoy saunas and jacuzzis, and find inner harmony in our beautiful spa areas. Our destinations allow you to revitalize both body and soul.

Inn stays - History, coziness, and warmth
Discover Denmark's history and charm at our historic inns. Our inn stays combine comfortable accommodations with authentic experiences. Taste local dishes, explore the villages, and share quality time with your loved ones.

Beach hotels and castle hotels - Exclusivity and elegance
Our beach hotels and castle hotels epitomize luxury and elegance. Retreat to beautiful coastal settings or a castle in the countryside. Experience fine dining options and let yourself be pampered at our most exclusive destinations.

Gourmet getaways - World-class culinary experiences
For food enthusiasts, our gourmet getaways offer a culinary journey. Taste delicacies made from local ingredients and savor the most enticing dishes at our wide range of delightful restaurants.

Romantic retreats - Moments of love
Create romantic memories at our romantic retreats. Enjoy intimate dinners, walks in beautiful surroundings, and share moments of love together.

Holidays and Seasons - Celebrate with joy
Whether it's New Year's, Christmas, Easter, autumn break, winter holiday, or summer vacation, our destinations are ready to celebrate with joy and traditions.

Active holidays - Explore nature
For adventurous souls, our active holiday experiences give you the opportunity to explore Denmark's nature and culture. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, golf, or other outdoor activities, we have the perfect setting for your adventure.

Mini breaks - Short getaways with great experiences
If you need a brief escape from daily life, our mini-break experiences offer a chance to get away and enjoy short but meaningful experiences.

No matter what experience you dream of, Small Danish Hotels has the ideal place for you. Book your stay today, and let's together create unforgettable moments. Welcome to Small Danish Hotels, where every experience is a treasure that lasts.