About us

It all started many years ago. A number of inns in Jutland discovered that it was a good idea to work together in order to attract guests. Since then, inns in Funen and Zealand joined in, and this association became Dansk Kroferie. Later, among others, hotels in the capital also became a part of the association, which changed its name to Danske Kroer & Hoteller. 

New name. Same good experiences

Danske Kroer & Hoteller changed its name to Small Danish Hotels in 2012. However, the attention to being good hosts and providing personal service stayed the same. We call it moments of happiness. Those little moments you love to share. The simple things that bring you happiness. The memories that last forever. The stories about your holiday that you will tell your friends and family over and over again. The ones that improve over the years. 

Small Danish Hotels are small, selected inns, hotels and manor houses, which are full of charm, intimacy, and warmth. What they all have in common is the attention to personal service and being good hosts. 

4,500 rooms 

Small Danish Hotels is a voluntary association, which consists of individually owned inns, hotels and manor houses across Denmark. All are ranked with a minimum of 3 stars in HORESTA’s hotel ranking system. Altogether, Small Danish Hotels has a total of more than approx. 4,500 rooms. 

Information about us

Small Danish Hotels (association)

Vejlevej 16, DK-8700 Horsens,

Tel.: +45 75 64 87 00 (Monday - Friday 8.30-16.00)

E-mail: info@smalldanishhotels.com

CVR: 30035615

Established: 1981