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  • Airport: 45 km
  • Train: 1.5 km
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  • Beach: 6 km
  • Golf: 850 m
  • 118 Rooms

Stays and sleepovers atHotel Fredericia - SDH Partner Hotel

Enjoy the beautiful nature close to the hotel

The hotel is part of the alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

Hotel Fredericia is located in the heart of Denmark and serves as the perfect setting for both business, leisure, and conferences. Guests are always the center of attention, and there are experiences to suit every taste.

Right next to the hotel, you will find a state-of-the-art sports center, which includes facilities such as a water park, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and paddle courts. Additionally, there is Messe C, one of Denmark's largest exhibition centers, located nearby. The hotel is also centrally located in Madsbyparken, which offers charming nature, a mountain bike track, the historic miniature town, and a free play area.

Hotel Fredericia was completely renovated in 2012 and has a brand new, modern look. In January 2017, the hotel opened 41 additional new rooms, all with views, extra space, and modern decor. Some of the new rooms feature balconies or terraces.​

At Hotel Fredericia, guests are welcomed into modern, elegantly furnished rooms that exude light and style. Each room radiates a unique international atmosphere, and most rooms offer breathtaking views of scenic areas.

Restaurant RYES is a modern restaurant that can accommodate up to 180 guests. The kitchen team is passionate about creating exciting and classic dishes with small, modern twists from the Nordic cuisine. They also love to experiment with pickled, dried, or other unique flavor combinations that they produce themselves to delight guests' taste buds.

All conference rooms, group rooms, and Restaurant Queen Mary have a new interior, AV equipment, and air conditioning. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi and parking.

All 118 rooms are fully renovated and appear new and modern, each with their own character with beautiful photostats from the town of Fredericia.

Restaurant RYES is a modern restaurant that can accommodate up to 180 guests. The kitchen team is passionate about creating exciting and classic dishes with small, modern twists from the Nordic cuisine. They also love to experiment with pickled, dried, or other unique flavor combinations that they produce themselves to delight guests' taste buds.


Vestre Ringvej 96
7000 Frederica

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Attractions nearby of Hotel Fredericia - SDH Partner Hotel

  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet – VisitFredericia


    0.62 km

    Madsbyparken is a large nature- and activity area. The park has several areas: the Historical Miniature Town, green spaces with hiking paths and shelters, football fields and the Madsby Activity Park, which is the perfect outing for families. 
    The activity park offers mini zoo, mooncar track, mini golf, rowboats, tarzan trail, bike rental, playgrounds and the Madsby train. 

    The green spaces in the Madsby park are mostly hilly pastures and meadows with grazing livestock. There are several paths around the area. 
    Shelters can be booked online at 

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  • Photo: VisitFredericia

    Madsby Activity Park

    1.07 km

    Madsby Activity Park - a Free, Outdoor Mecca for Activities in the Middle of Denmark!

    Madsby Activity Park is a huge outdoor activity park in Fredericia full of experiences. The activity park is a real El Dorado for active children and adults, and there are plenty of activities here for a full-day trip!

    Many Hours Await You!

    With over 400.000 guests annually, Madsby Activity Parkis the area’s biggest tourist attraction for families with children, and you can understand why! Whether you are going on a full-day trip or simply need a two-hour break from your busy life style, the activity park is the ideal choice. Here you get a central location, beautiful natural surroundings and endless play - because you can always discover something new in Madsby Activity Park!

    Madsby Activity Park has been awarded a certificate for ”Excellent Play” and has been categorized as “Denmark’s Funniest Playground” by GoLittle.

    What Can You Try in Madsby Activity Park?

    In Madsby Activity Park you will find several different playgrounds and activity areas for different age groups. There is something for everyone here, and while the children play, the adults can relax in the small green oases of the activity park.

    See the Many Different Activities on Madsby Activity Park's Key Map and Download the Map Here!

    Playgrounds and Moon Cars

    In Madsby Activity Park you can let loose on the large sandy playgrounds for children of all ages. There are swings, slides and climbing frames here. You can also visit the new Klods-Hans playground, where there are games for all the senses. The Klods-Hans playground is particularly suitable for smaller children and is disabled- and wheelchair-friendly.

    If you like driving at a high speed, you can try out Madsby Activity Park'a moon car area. Find an available moon car and drive around on the small roads in a safe environment.

    Tarzan Trail and Brand New Climbing Facility

    There are climbing opportunities for both young and old in Madsby Activity Park!

    The slightly older children can be challenged on Madsby Activity Park's very own Tarzan Trail. The Tarzan Trail is suitable for children over 10 years and adults. Here mum and dad can also find their inner child and try their hand at the challenging trail. Measure each others’s time and see who gets through the fastest - good laughs are guaranteed along the way!

    Also, try Madsby Activity Park's new attraction: A large climbing facility, which just opened in the spring of 2023. The climbing facility invites you to many hours of fun and lots of space for you to spread out - the facility is 23 by 23 meters and has room for up to 225 children at the same time. 

    Mini Petting Zoo

    In Madsby Activity Park you will also find an area with a mini petting zoo, where you can meet the animals up-close. Here you can experience, among other things, Swedish minipigs, goats, rabbits, many different birds, hens, guinea pigs and turtles. It is possible to touch and pat some of the animals.

    Read More about Madsby Activity Park's Various Animals Here!

    It is not allowed to feed the animals in the park!

    Crazy Golf and Rowing Boats

    In Madsby Activity Park you can also try your hand at activities for the whole family. See who is the most successful on the 18-holes crazy golf course of the activity park or row on the large lake of Madsby Activity Park in one of the rowing boats. There can be 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults in each boat.

    Information and Ticket Prices

    Both crazy golf and the boats require a ticket. Tickets are bought at the ticket office, which is located in the middle of the activity park. Crazy golf costs 50 DKK per adult and child, and for children under the age of 3 the activity is free. Clubs and balls are available in the ticket office. A rowing trip costs 50 DKK per boat.

    In the ticket office you will also find life jackets for adults and children. Life jackets are not required but recommended. The lake of the activity park is an artificial lake with a depth of 90 cm.

    On a Trip with the Madsby Train

    The Madsby Train is the Madsby Park's very own small train. The train runs from Madsby Activity Park and through the rest of the Madsby Park. Along the way you can get off the train at the historical miniature model village Fredericia Historical Miniature Town, which is also part of the Madsby Park. In the historical miniature model village you can experience a miniature version of Fredericia in 1849 on  a scale of 1:10.

    Read More about Fredericia Historical Miniature Town Here!

    Information and Ticket Prices

    A ticket for the train costs 35 DKK for adults and 25 DKK for children aged 4 to 11. For children under the age of 3, the activity is free. If you buy a ticket for The Madsby Train, the entrance to Fredericia Historical Miniature Town is included in the price. 

    The train runs from 11 until 17 o’clock. There may be days when the train does not run. Stay informed via the information boards in Madsby Activity Park or via the Facebook page of the activity park!

    Practical Information about Madsby Activity Park

    Free admission: There is always free entry to Madsby Activity Park. Some activities such as crazy golf, sailing boats and trips with the Madsby Train require a ticket, which can be bought in the activity park at prices between 20 and 60 DKK.

    Seasonal activities: Madsby Activity Park is open throughout the year, but activities that require a ticket are open during the season of the activity park, which runs from the beginning of April until week 42.

    Parking: There is parking at Madsby Activity Park. Parking costs 12 DKK per hour between 9 and 17 o’clock - every day.

    Public transport: Madsby Activity Park is located 100 meters from Fredericia Station, so you can easily use public transport if you want to visit the activity park. 

    Toilet and changing table: There are toilet facilities with changing table in the park area. 

    Disabled-friendly: Madsby Activity Park is disabled-friendly with disabled toilets, flagged paths on the park’s hills and room for non-electric wheelchairs on the Madsby Train.

    Dog: You may bring your dog to the activity park. Dogs should be kept on a leash, and they are not allowed in the sandpits of Madsby Activity Park.

    Buy Food and Drink at the Madsby Kiosk or Bring Your Own Picnic Basket

    Even heroes need food and drink! If you get hungry during your visit to the activity park, you can visit the Madsby Kiosk. The Madsby Kiosk sells a wide selection of fast food, sandwiches, cold and hot drinks and various snacks. The Madsby Kiosk also has an ice-cream department where you can buy delicious ice from Hansens Icecream. On busy summer days an extra ice-cream stall opens at the Klods-Hans playground.

    You can also choose to bring your own picnic basket when you visit Madsby Activity Park. Your own food and drink may be enjoyed all over the park. In the park and at the various activities there are seating areas and sets of tables and benches, which you can use. In the park there is also a lunch pack house, where you can sit down and enjoy your own food or what you have bought during your visit.

    Help us keep Madsby Activity Park clean and tidy - please use the bins provided or take your rubbish with you.

    Hold a Birthday or Family Party in Madsby Activity Park

    In Madsby Activity Parkyou can easily hold your next event. The park has 4 lunch pack houses of different sizes, of which 3 of the houses can be rented for private events.

    It is also possible to rent a barbecue if you want to hold an event with food. A barbecue can have a capacity of 20 to 25 adults per hour. The price is 105 DKK per hour per barbecue, and a barbecue can be rented for a maximum of 2 hours.

    It is not allowed to bring your own barbecue into the park!

    Madsby Activity Park- a Part of the Madsby Park

    Madsby Legepark is part of the Madsby Park, which also consists of Fredericia Historical Miniature Town and Fredericia Sports Centre and Fredericia Swimcentre and Aqualand


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  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet – VisitFredericia

    Fredericia Town Museum

    1.87 km

    Explore the history of Fredericia

    Experience live portraits which you can ask questions. Meet a true president, an exiled prince and a king who built a town on a swamp.

    At Fredericia Town Museum you get history, learning and movement. The museum has developed a game which you can download as an app. Here you can explore the ramparts of Fredericia where you help the Brave Soldier find historical objects which together tell about Fredericia’s history. The more clues you find, the more of the history you open op to.

    Fredericia Town Museum

    Fredericia Town Museum is a local cultural history museum based on the historical development in the Fredericia area, mainly since the town’s founding in 1650. The museum’s exhibitions and collections shed light on the area’s military, religious and business development and the daily life of the town’s population.

    In the many old buildings of Fredericia Town Museum the audience encounters exhibitions about foreign denominations in Fredericia, prominent personalities in the town, market scenes, the silversmith’s workshop, farm life, the harbour development, the amusement life and the developments of the twentieth century.

    In 2021 the museums in Fredericia received an award for excellence in cultural mediation because they communicate the town’s history to new target groups in a new and innovative way. The award has been established to bring the best cultural mediation practices in museums to light.


    Opening hours
    The town museum is open all year. The opening hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12.00-16.00 (p.m.).
    Throughout the month of January the town museum is closed.

    Winter holidays (week 7): Open from Tuesday to Sunday at 12.00-16.00 (p.m.).

    Summer holidays (15/6-15/8): Open from Tuesday to Sunday at 12.00-16.00 (p.m.).

    Autumn holidays (week 42): Open from Monday to Sunday at 12.00-16.00 (p.m.).

    Admission fee:
    Admission to the town museum is free.

    Exibitions on english

    Want to experience the popular exibition about the Battle of Fredericia in the old barn? 

    The text on the signs are in danish, but don't worry! Ask the staff for a leaflet with english translation.


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  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet – VisitFredericia

    The Brave Soldier Statue

    2.05 km

    Just by the Prince's Gate stands the famous monument The Brave Soldier - the statue by H. W. Bissen of the Danish soldier after a victory. It was erected in 1858 to commemorate the victory of Fredericia on 6th of July 1849.

    The monument was funded through donations from the Danish public. For the first time it was not the generals, but the anonymous private soldier who was to he honoured.

    Near the statue is an old yellow house. It was built in 1735 and served as the guardhouse right until 1934.

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  • Photo: VisitFredericia

    The Bunker Museum in Fredericia

    2.32 km

    Visit a real bunker and get close to history - for free!

    Have you ever visited a real bunker?

    At the Bunker Museum in Fredericia, you have a unique opportunity to visit one of the many bunkers that were established during Denmark's Occupation. The museum is located in an old bunker and filled with fantastic historical items that tell the story of the time from 1940 to 1945.

    Read more about the Bunker Museum here!

    A small museum that tells a big story

    The Bunker Museum in Fredericia hosts several exhibitions related to Fredericia during the Occupation. Among other things, you can experience a fine picture and sound exhibition with eyewitness accounts, which is part of the Museums in Fredericia's joint exhibition entitled "Dad, what is peace?"

    Part of Fredericia Ramparts

    The Bunker Museum in Fredericia is located in the heart of Fredericia's largest historical monument: Fredericia Ramparts. The bunker is embedded in the Ramparts, making it easy to combine a visit to the Bunker Museum with a tour of Fredericia Ramparts.

    Tip: A historical day in the fortress town

    Fredericia holds a truly fantastic and unique history - just waiting to be experienced. For example, start the day with a walk on Fredericia Ramparts and feel the breeze of history. During the day, you can visit both the Bunker Museum and the Fredericia Town Museum - both museums offer free admission and provide an exciting insight into the fortress town by the Little Belt.

    Bunker Museum opening hours

    Open on Wednesdays, 1-4 PM, and Saturdays, 10 AM-1 PM from 17/6 - 16/9, as well as on special dates - see below:

    Sunday, 9/4: 1-4 PM

    Thursday, 4/5: 1-4 PM

    Friday, 5/5: 1-4 PM

    Saturday, 14/10: 10 AM-1 PM (week 42)

    Wednesday, 18/10: 1-4 PM (week 42)

    Saturday, 21/10: 10 AM-1 PM (week 42)

    Bunker Museum in Fredericia - a piece of Danish history

    During Denmark's Occupation from 1940 to 1945, around 5,800 shelters were built in Denmark, of which 70 were established in Fredericia. The Bunker Museum is located in one of these 70 civilian shelters. The bunker is a double bunker with two domes, both of which are furnished as museums with exhibits and descriptions of life in the bunker and in Fredericia during the Occupation.

    The special exhibition in the bunker is created in collaboration between the Fredericia Military History Association and the Museums in Fredericia, and it is the Fredericia Military History Association that conducts tours of the bunker during the Bunker Museum's opening hours.


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  • Photo: Niels Martner

    The Old Little Belt bridge

    7.22 km

    On May 14, 1935 (exactly 80 years before the inauguration of Bridgewalking), the bridge opened with royal visitation. There were 50,000 visitors, and the king arrived sailing on the "Dannebrog".

    On the same day, the first of DSB's red express trains was also inaugurated, which ran over the bridge and cut the red ribbon. There were 850 prominent guests on the train. They stood on the train in Middelfart, where a new train station had also been built in connection with the restructuring of the railway network.

    Along the railway line, there was a procession on Bridge Road, which was also established in connection with the bridge construction. There had been some controversy about whether the merchants would lose turnover if the road was laid outside the town. But an extension of the main road became the solution, as it is still known today.

    In the past, the Little Belt was a meadow area. But during the ice age, the strait was formed. Below it is the vertical 40-meter-deep wall in the clay, which is extremely popular among divers today.

    The Old Little Belt Bridge as a tourist attraction
    In 2015, Bridgewalking opened on the Old Little Belt Bridge, and it has proven to be a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors. Here you can experience Middelfart from the top of the old bridge. In fact, there are only 3 other places in the world where you can do the same.

    However, it is not the first time that the Old Little Belt Bridge has been the backdrop for a tourist success. It was also during its construction. The construction, which ended with the bridge's inauguration in 1935, became a major tourist attraction - one of Denmark's largest at the time. Kiosks, guesthouses, restaurants, etc., appeared in Middelfart. A growth that such a construction now follows. There were boats sailing out of the harbor in Middelfart with tourists who wanted to see the construction. Many nicknames were used back then, and one of the boatmen was thus called "Blond Sailor" because his wife had a lingerie shop.

    Little Belt Half Marathon

    Come to Middelfart and run with us across the Old Little Belt Bridge when Middelfart transforms into a true running festival every year in May.

    A fantastic running experience with lots of music, spectators, hotspots along the route, an official race t-shirt, and a medal around your neck when you cross the finish line.

    1178 meters long
    57 meters high
    Price: 32 million for construction
    Clearance height: 33 meters
    Constructed: 1925 - 1935

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  • Photo: Niels Martner

    Nature Reserve Hindsgavl Dyrehave

    7.68 km

    In a manor landscape that dates back to the 13th century, visitors can now explore a deer park that offers fun, learning and exercise at old monuments, to the sound of the midnight frog chorus and the sight of stags as they bellow out their mating calls. Deer are the area's nature and landscape caretakers, who maintain the manor landscape's open plains. Whether you prefer a quiet walk or outdoor action, the Hindsgavl Peninsula is the perfect setting. Signed walking, running, riding, cycling and orienteering routes with “fixed posts”.

    The deer park has a large population of fallow and red deer. As you walk around the deer park, you can experience the deer that graze in the forest and on the plain. Deer are the area's nature and landscape caretakers, who maintain the manor landscape's open plains.

    The deer park has areas to sit and areas where you can barbecue your own food.

    Map of Hindsgavl Deer Park here

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  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet – VisitFredericia

    Bridgewalking – An unforgettable experience

    7.67 km

    Bridgewalking across Little Belt

    Go on a bridge walk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt and experience Little Belt and the surrounding area from a whole new angle. Bridgewalking is a very special activity that can only be tried in four places in the world, and the only place in Europe is on the old Little Belt Bridge, which links Fredericia and Middelfart, Jutland and Funen. Book your next outing with Bridgewalking Lillebælt for an unforgettable experience.

    The Little Belt Bridge experience

    An adrenaline rush and spectacular views of Little Belt, Fredericia and Middelfart are guaranteed when you're at the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge, 60 metres above sea level.

    Each bridge walk is led by a guide from Bridgewalking Lillebælt, who will tell you about the bridge’s construction, the area’s history and the surrounding scenery. If you're lucky, you might even spot a few porpoises – Little Belt's very own little whale. Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises. Bridgewalking also brings you up close to the special steel construction of the Old Little Belt Bridge, and you'll feel the whole bridge vibrate as heavy freight trains and fast express trains pass beneath you on the bridge's railway tracks.

    Try bridgewalking alone or together

    Bridgewalking is a fantastic activity for individuals, couples and groups of all sizes. On a Bridgewalking Lillebælt bridge walk, visitors are sent onto the bridge in groups of up to 20 people, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a more intimate experience with your friends, partner, spouse, or whomever else you have chosen to share the experience with. Even if you walk in a group for safety reasons, bridgewalking doesn’t have to feel like a group activity. Time on the bridge is spent enjoying the experience and listening your guide's captivating stories! You can therefore easily do a bridge walk on your own.

    Bridgewalking Lillebælt: The perfect group activity

    Because visitors go bridgewalking in groups, a bridgewalk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt is the perfect destination for your next group trip. Go bridgewalking as your next family outing, friends outing or company outing, or walk across Little Belt as part of your corporate event or teambuilding trip. The options are endless, and Bridgewalking Lillebælt and their guides are always on hand to create the perfect setting for your trip.

    Read more about bridgewalking as a teambuilding activity here!

    Bridgewalking all year round

    Bridgewalking Lillebælt arranges trips all year round, so there is plenty of opportunity to experience Little Belt in all the seasons. Try bridgewalking in autumn, when the leaves from the many trees on both sides of the belt cover the coastline in an explosion of reds, or see how nature appears more rugged from the top of the bridge in winter.

    If you've already tried bridgewalking, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a completely new and unique experience every time you go on a bridgewalk across Little Belt. As Bridgewalking Lillebælt's guides themselves say: No two trips across Little Belt are the same, and there are always more stories to tell!

    Information about bridgewalking

    Your walk on the bridge starts at Bridgewalking Lillebælt's welcome centre at Galsklintvej 2 in Middelfart. Here Bridgewalking Lillebælt's knowledgeable tour guides will welcome you and prepare you for the fantastic trip you are about to embark on. Together you'll walk from the welcome centre to the Old Little Belt Bridge, where you'll be connected to a safety system – and then it's uphill from there!

    The walk is about 2.5 km long, and it is a requirement that participants are in reasonably good physical shape, as there are some steps along the way. No items are allowed on the bridge, and all pockets must be emptied. You are therefore not allowed to bring phones or cameras on the tour – but don't worry, your guide will bring a phone and will take photos of you along the way, which you can download afterwards. You can lock your small belongings, such as your wallet, keys or phone, in a safety box while you're on the bridge.

    Read more about what happens before, during and after the bridge walk here!

    Tickets, prices and parking

    Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the welcome centre and online. We recommend that you buy tickets online to make sure you get the tour you want. Tickets can be purchased here or via the blue box on the right.


    Children under 16 (over 140 cm): DKK 255

    Adults: DKK 315

    Free parking: Parking is available at Galsklintvej 2, 5500 Middelfart, right next to the welcome centre. Read more about parking and public transport options here!

    Food and drink at Bridgewalking Lillebælt

    You can buy hot and cold drinks to enjoy before or after your walk on the bridge. These are sold at the welcome centre, where you can also see a small exhibition about the area surrounding Little Belt and the Old Little Belt Bridge and buy various souvenirs from Bridgewalking Lillebælt. The welcome centre also has tables and benches where you can enjoy a packed lunch, a fire pit with seating and a large nature playground. It is not possible to buy food from Bridgewalking Lillebælt.

    Do you have any other questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions here!

    Experience more: Fredericia, the fortress town in the heart of Denmark

    If you're looking for dining, experiences, or accommodation during your visit to Bridgewalking Lillebælt, these are just a stone's throw away! From Bridgewalking Lillebælt, there's a short distance to the fortress town of Fredericia.

    In Fredericia, you'll find inviting restaurants and cafes, great shopping opportunities, and charming pedestrian streets. There are plenty of good accommodation options, so you can easily plan your excursion for bridgewalking.

    Read more about Fredericia here!


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  • Photo: LeArt

    Galleri LeArt

    7.98 km

    A modern art basement in old settings 

    Gallery LeArt is located in the old part of town, right across from the church. In the basement of an old, pink timbered house, the walls are filled with picture frames and colourful canvasses. 

    Inside this charming 300 year old townhouse, you will find contemporary artwork and paintings. The paintings are divided into 4 categories: Figurative, Abstract, Pots and "Poultry".

    In the same rooms are the studio and workshop, so perhaps you might witness the artist in action. 

    Really, it's worth a visit!

    The announced opening hours might vary. Call ahead to check, or make a special visit agreement.


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  • Photo: Panorama Middelfart


    8.08 km

    KulturØen (The CultureIsland) is a beautiful, modern building from 2005, and is a part of the new seafront in Middelfart.
    KulturØen is designed by the internationally famous architect company "schmidt hammer lassen", primarily architecht John Lassen and design director Lars Vejen. It is build on a artificial island, surrounded by the privately owned Ny Havn 1 (marina), and is covered in prepatinated zink.

    You can find the library, the modern 3-D cinema, a café and finally also the Tourist Information VisitMiddelfart inside the building.

    Read more : KulturØen
  • Photo: VisitFredericia

    Trelde Næs

    8.9 km

    Denmark’s Most Beautiful Natural Area

    Trelde Næs is a large natural area located north of Fredericia next to Vejle Fjord and the Little Belt. The area contains both forests, meadows, clay slopes and a beach and a rich plant and animal life with many rare species. The natural area is included in Danmarks Naturkanon (Denmark’s Nature Canon) as one of the country’s 15 best natural environments selected by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and is one of the areas which the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has designated as particularly worthy of conservation.

    Trelde Næs offers many excursion opportunities. You can enjoy the beautiful nature via the area’s large trail system or you can plan your next swimming trip. The beach at Trelde Næs is a Blue Flag beach and has a high water quality. At Trelde Næs there is also a nature centre where you can borrow equipment and participate in various events.

    Plan Your Excursion

    Notice: It is no longer possible to walk along the beach on the south side facing the Little Belt due to landslides!

    Whether you are by car, bus or bicycle, it is easy to get to Trelde Næs.

    Free parking: There is a large free parking area at Trelde Næs with direct access to both the forest and the beach. The parking area’s address is Trelde Næsvej 290, 7000 Fredericia.

    Public transport: Town bus 6 runs to Trelde Næs and has a stop at the parking area of Trelde Næs. You can find more information about the timetable here!

    At the parking area of Trelde Næs there is an information board and folders with a map of the area and the 5 km long hiking route around the headland Næsset Rundt. Remember practical footwear and clothing. You can also experience Trelde Næs by bicycle via the 34.4 km long cycle route cykelrute T8 which leads you through the town of Fredericia and on to the beautiful nature of Trelde Næs.

    The headland’s rich plant life also means that there are good opportunities for gathering plants and herbs along the forest and beach. Trelde Næs has its own sankerute (plant and herb gathering route) which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the area’s beautiful surroundings while gathering plants and herbs.

    Practical Information

    Toilet facilities: You will find toilet facilities at Naturcenter Trelde Næs. The toilet facilities are basically available throughout the year, but during shorter, particularly cold winter periods, the toilets may be closed due to risk of frostbite.

    Disabled-friendly: You will find a disabled toilet at the old breeding farm near the parking area. The disabled toilet is open throughout the year.

    Food and drink: It is not possible to buy food and drink at Trelde Næs. The nearest shopping option is Dancamps Trelde Næs Camping kiosk located approx. 800 meters from the parking area at Trelde Næs.

    Nature Centre Trelde Næs

    At Trelde Næs Strand, only a few minutes’ walk from the parking area, is Naturcenter Trelde Næs. The centre contains information about the area’s plant and animal life, toilet facilities and a so-called equipment bank. In the equipment bank you can borrow equipment for various activities in nature for free, e.g. crab fishing rods, fishing nets and campfire equipment.

    The nature centre is available every day of the week during the time period:

    From April to September at 08.00 (a.m.) - 21.00 (p.m.).
    From October to March at 10.00 (a.m.) - 17.00 (p.m.).

    Trelde Næs Beach

    If you are more into a swim, Trelde Næs Strand is worth a visit. Trelde Næs Strand is a family-friendly natural beach with a sandy bottom and a good bathing jetty. It is only a few minutes from the parking area and has the Blue Flag. The beach area borders on a wide tidal meadow where there are several tables and benches and a built-in fire pit. Near the beach is the nature centre where you can borrow equipment for e.g. crab and shrimp fishing. There are also toilet facilities here.

    Water Activities at the Coast

    The coast along Trelde Næs is also particularly suitable for both kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. You can read more about surfing at Trelde Næs here! If you are more into snorkelling, you can also try your hand at Trelde Næs’ new snorkel trail snorkelsti.

    Fishing Grounds in the Area

    At Trelde Næs you have good opportunities to catch a fish for your dinner. It is possible to fish along the coast of Trelde Næs, especially in the area around the reef which lies off Trelde Næs. You can read more about fishing around the reef here! Another good fishing area is at Trelde Klint. You can read more about this fishing ground here!

    Shelters and Accommodation at Trelde Næs

    At Trelde Næs there are two shelter locations: Shelterplads Nord (Shelter Location North) with 2 shelters and Shelterplads Syd (Shelter Location South) with 4 shelters. You can book shelters at both shelter locations via this link. At Shelterplads Nord there is a green area where it is permitted to set up a tent even if you have not booked a shelter. You can read more about it here! Close to Trelde Næs is Dancamps Trelde Næs Camping where you also find different options for accommodation.

    A Very Special Landscape

    Trelde Næs lies on a large clay bank which goes all the way to Fredericia. The subsoil is therefore almost pure clay which helps to create the distinctive landscape of the headland with large clay slopes. The southern coast of Trelde Næs which faces the Little Belt consists of a 6 km long clay slope. The slope which is the longest of its kind in Denmark collapses at regular intervals creating completely unique clay formations along the beach.

    The northern side of the headland (Næsset) also consists of steep slopes. The slopes contain relics of the past, both in the form of deposits from previous ice ages, the oldest more than 50 million years old, and large amounts of fossils to be found in the area at the foot of and along the slopes.

    Be aware that the slopes can slide!

    The Special Diversity of Trelde Næs

    The forests at Trelde Næs have been designated by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation as one of the areas in Denmark with the highest biodiversity. The area is known for being home to a particularly large number of orchid species including several rare ones such as large orchids which can only be found in very few places in Denmark.

    The large forest area of Trelde Næs is also home to many bird and animal species. Birds of prey such as common buzzard, kestrel and sparrow hawk have permanent breeding grounds in the forests. On your walk around the area you may also be lucky enough to spot a tawny owl or one of the rarer black vipers, or you can go hunting for the more than 200-year-old oak trees which can still be found in the forest.

    Mushroom hunting

    Trelde Næs is also one of Jutland’s best areas for mushroom hunting, and with its more than 120 different mushroom species you can find numerous edible mushrooms, but also poisonous mushrooms and several protected mushroom species, so do not go mushroom hunting if you do not have in-depth knowledge of the appearance of the different mushrooms.

    If you want to go on a mushroom tour with an expert, Naturpark Lillebælt (Nature Park Lillebælt) regularly organizes mushroom tours with a guide. You can see an overview of future tours and book a ticket here!

    The History of Trelde Næs

    Trelde Næs' long history contains both bloody battles, epoch-making events and incredible stories. In the Middle Ages Trelde Næs was allegedly the home of the fabled Grev Trolle, also called Næssekongen, who settled on Trelde Næs after being outlawed by the king. From here he robbed both on land and at sea and was particularly notorious for his bloody behaviour.

    Since ancient times Trelde Næs has been inhabited by both fishermen and farmers who were often involved in the riots characterizing the area. During the Swedish Wars in 1657 the local farmers had to flee from the Swedish Army which had occupied Trelde and burned down houses and farms. The farmers fled to the headland (Næsset) where, according to the story, they lived in caves (of earth) for more than one year before they could return to their homes.

    Up through the 1900s Trelde Næs has had several owners all of whom have contributed to the creation of the natural area which exists on the headland today. In 1919 the area was bought by the businessman Harald Plum who had made a fortune as a so-called goulash baron during the First World War and who owned the Transatlantic Company. He wanted to use the area as a holiday resort and a place of refuge for his employees, but he also contributed to a major urban renewal on the headland and in Trelde. Plum’s visions for the area formed the basis of Trelde Næs as a recreational area, and after his financial bankruptcy and comedown in the 1920s the area, which had both a summer boarding house and a restaurant, continued to be a favourite excursion destination for the inhabitants of Fredericia.

    Næssedronningen (the Queen of the Headland)

    From 1930 until 1966 Trelde Næs was owned by the businesswoman Fru Ane Ryholt (Mrs Ane Ryholt) also called Næssedronningen. Ane Ryholt was a reserved personen who was extremely protective of her privacy when she vacationed in Troldehuset, the former summer boarding house, and the many visitors on the headland often came right up to her house, looked through her windows and entered her house unannounced. This became too much for Næssedronningen who installed barbed wire and closed off the tip of Trelde Næs, much to the annoyance of the local population. There were rumours that behind the barbed wire there were vicious guard dogs and angry bulls and that Næssedronningen was prepared to use her shotgun if anyone moved on to the grounds.

    Until her death in 1968 Ane Ryholt continued to be a determined lady. This was especially felt by a German commander who had taken up residence in Troldehuset during the occupation of Denmark. When Næssedronningen heard that the commander had moved her sofa and beloved grand piano outside, she immediately went to Trelde Næs to scold him. When she sold the land on Trelde Næs in 1960, it was also with the requirement that she could live in the area until her death. When Fredericia Kommune bought Trelde Næs and protected the area, Næssedronningen, who many thought looked more and more like a witch from a fairy tale, was part of the bargain. The municipality made sure to fence off her house so that she could continue to live there without being disturbed by the guests who could once again visit the headland.

    When Mrs Ane Ryholt died, her ashes were spread on the lawn at Troldehuset, and Fredericia Kommune later erected a buste on the spot in memory of Næssedronningen. It is rumoured that Næssedronningen still keeps a watchful eye on the area around Troldehuset (the Trolls’ House) which has been converted into a camp school.


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  • Photo: Jonas Schou

    Skærup Zoo

    10.89 km

    There are plenty of places in Skærup Zoo where you can enjoy your picnic. And you can also purchase food and beverages from the kiosk. You can feed many of the animals with fodder purchased at the kiosk. Animal feed: DKK 20

    During weekends and on public holidays there are pony rides and animal feeding.

    The zoo’s educational service for schools, institutions and other groups can help tailor your visit to requirement. You can even spend the night in the zoo!

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