World Champions, art by Vejen Sports Centre

Take a walk in the past

“Verdensmestre” (World Champions) is an approximately 3-meter tall, 3.5 tonne stoneware sculpture by Peter Carlson placed in front of Sportscenter Denamrk. The round ceramic sculpture is modelled as a single clay piece and fired in a purpose-built kiln.

The monument is an ambiguous “tribute” to the consumption and overconsumption of the modern world. If you get up close, you will discover a wealth of recognisable everyday object that you might not immediately associate with art or world champions but which are part of Peter Carlsson’ message.

"Verdensmestre" was unveiled in October 2011. Leaflets are available at Sportscenter Denmark describing the sculpture, the artist and the concept of the statue in detail. Or visit the link to the article.

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