The merchant house ”Den Smidske Gård”

Take a walk in the past

In 1799, the merchant Ingvard Smidt started the old merchant house, Den Smidtske Gård, which was built by builder Anders Christensen Kruuse together with architect and sculptor Jens Hjernøe. Today, the merchant house is the home of a café and a wine bar.      

The front house along Søndergade is the oldest part. Notice the names of the builder and his wife and the year engraved above the gate lintel. Living quarters with kitchen, scullery and mangling room were found here in the front house and the north wing and the merchant house also comprised corn house, storehouse, coach house and stables for the customers’ horses.

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  • The merchant house ”Den Smidske Gård”
  • Søndergade 14
    7100 Vejle