The Hohøj burial mound

Take a walk in the past

1 km east of Mariager is the large Bronze Age barrow 'Hohøj'. As it is in itself 12 m high and has a diameter of 72 m it is the absolutely biggest burial mound. As it is placed high on the top of a hill, you have a lovely view of the fjord and the surrounding scenery.
Yuo will find a plate exhibition about the historical facts in The Red House.

Several mass meetings have been held here, and the names of the Danish authors St.St. Blicher and Nis Petersen are connected with the place. In 1997 Hohøj was partly dug out. Hohøj has a place in Danish history as being the scene of innumerable conventions and meetings and it is also connected with the poets Blicher and Nis Petersen.

At the top you will find the explanation for the popularity of this place, especially on a clear day. Special brochure can be obtained at the Tourist Information Office, Ny Havnevej 6, 9550 Mariager. 

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  • The Hohøj burial mound
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