Hotel Gjerrild Kro

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As the inn is situated most easterly in Jutland, Gjerrild Kro is the perfect place to stay if you wish to visit Djursland. There are namely only 10 minutes to Grenå and 45 minutes to Randers Tropical Zoo and Aarhus. These attractions speak for themselves. However, the scenery must and should be experienced.

Gjerrild Bygade 16, 8500 Grenå

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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
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  • Airport: 40 km
  • Train: 10 km
  • Busstop: 100 m
  • Beach: 1 km
  • Fishing: 1 km
  • Golf: 10 km
  • 18 Rooms

Stays and sleepovers atHotel Gjerrild Kro

The inn with Sostrup Castle in the backyard

Hotel Gjerrild Kro is the perfect place to stay if you want to visit Djursland. There is only a 10–12-minute walk to the child-friendly Gjerrild Nordstrand, and for the children, the inn also has a nice playground and lots of green areas where they can make use of their energy.

A short holiday or a weekend stay at Hotel Gjerrild Kro provides the opportunity to experience the castles, manors and many other sights on Djursland, in Randers and Aarhus. At the inn you can have horses housed during your stay, and you can borrow bicycles. Within a radius of half an hour drive are as many as 7 golf courses. More and more people also choose to take hiking boots, mountain bikes or fishing rods with them when they visit the inn.

Hotel Gjerrild Kro is therefore a lovely base for families who want nature experiences and action parks. It is also ideal as a break from the everyday life, where stress and chores are replaced by birds whistling and the enriching colors of the season. It is also possible to bring your dog with you to the Hotel.

In the restaurant, the menu offers, among many other good things, the innkeeper's specialties, which are inspired by the good country cuisine.

The inn is a royally privileged inn, founded in 1843, and Gjerrild is a cozy village with a grocery store, church and inn, which grew up in the shadow of Sostrup Castle. The castle can certainly trace its history back to 1388, and the main building was built in the years around 1600. From 1960-2013, the castle was owned and run by the Cistercian nuns who lived and worked in Maria Hjerte Kloster right next to the castle. In 2014, Kirsten Bundgaard Swift bought the historic site, and the castle is today the focal point for a wide range of concerts, holistic courses, as well as a restaurant.

Hotel Gjerrild Kro is owned by Hilding & Helle Hvid, and the innkeeper puts it this way: "Times change, they say, but that does not change the fact that running an inn in a small village on the tip of Djursland is and will always be a way of life. " My entire family and I have now practiced this for over 50 years, and we must have succeeded very well, because regardless of the whims of the times, many guests find their way back to Hotel Gjerrild Kro again and again."

Hotel Gjerrild Kro is today newly renovated with 20 modern rooms, all with shower, toilet and TV. Most rooms have the possibility to add additional sleeping facilities.


Gjerrild Bygade 16
8500 Grenå

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Attractions nearby of Hotel Gjerrild Kro

  • Photo: Sostrup Slot

    The Palace Park Sostrup Slot

    0.5 km

    Sostrup Slotspark

    The palace by Sostrup Slot is a lush and magical park with mostly ancient linden and beech trees surrounding a moat surrounds Sostrup. The trees provide ample shade, and pathways lead the guest through the park and on to the surrounding forest.

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  • Photo: Destination Djursland

    Grenaa Church

    10.09 km

    The church dates from the 13th century and has since been expanded and renovated several times.

    The oldest masonry remains from the original church, date back to when the town itself was founded. It is not known what the church looked like at the time, but the church has obviously been of great importance based on its central location in the city centre.

    In 1649, the church was destroyed by a fire inside the church. What you see now is a vaulted church room built in the 1650s.

    Grenaa Kirke is consecrated to St. Gertrude, the patron saint of travelers (also of cats).

    The church is built of monk stone and granite squares. A renovation has given the church its distinctive crenellated spire (the 1870s).

    The oldest altarpiece is originally from Holmen's Kirke in Copenhagen. It was bought the city's residents and was thus saved from the fires and bombings that came to ravage Copenhagen. The church was newly restored in 2001.

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  • Photo: Kattegatcentret

    The Kattegatcentre on Djursland

    12.01 km

    Penguins in a world of their own

    The large penguin exhibit at the Kattegatcentre is one of the only ones in the world where you can get up close to the subantarctic penguins. On the first floor, you stand in the midst of their cold, noisy, and smelly world, while below, you can enjoy the tranquility and spectacular sight as the world's fastest penguins spread their wings and glide through the water.

    BITE... There's a catch!

    Come and join in when the action-packed daily program includes feeding, training, and exciting stories about the fascinating life in the sea. Every day, you can witness the feeding and training of the sharks in the large tropical shark tank. Watch as shark fins cut through the water and see the menacing set of teeth snatch flatfish from the hands of the animal keeper. If you want to get water on your face, get up close, or surround yourself in the shark tunnel, where there are only 6 cm between you and the sharks!

    Get up close

    Every day, the hustle and bustle of Kattegat's fish are fed in the massive Oceanarium, so give the diver a high-five - he has treats for everyone. Also, meet the Garden Expert, who will bring you closer to the marvelous sea creatures than ever before!

    Playful seals and water playground

    The Kattegatcentre continues outside - yes, all the way to the Kattegat Sea! Here, you can fall in love with the talented, playful seals as they snatch herring and learn their letters. On the playground, large marine animals are ready for a game of hide-and-seek, while children can splash and play in the water playground and build sandcastles in the sandbox. During the summer vacation, both you and the children can catch a crab that can pinch!

    200 species of marine animals

    You can also get up close to 200 marvelous, colorful species of marine animals - from the tiniest jellyfish to the large sand tiger shark and all his friends. And at the Kattegatcentre, you don't just look through the window - there are open aquariums with splashes of water, smells, and sounds, and in the touch pools, you can pet a shark, play hide-and-seek with the flatfish, and hold hands with crabs.

    Everything from sky to sea

    You can also compete, learn, and even stand inside the mouth of a prehistoric shark in a world of exciting, interactive exhibitions. Or how about putting on a diving suit and diving into deep water - or even staying overnight and having a race with the sharks? Numerous exciting special events await you!

    Winter bathing

    The Kattegatcentre is open year-round and also offers winter bathing.

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  • Photo: VisitAarhus

    Natural area Kolindsund

    13.6 km

    Originally, Kolindsund was a large tunnel valley. Later, it became a sound that connected Grenaa to Randers. Even later, it turned into a lake. However, after Denmark lost Southern Jutland in 1864, the need for arable land became more pressing, and Kolindsund was drained.

    A walk on the old lakebed

    Today, artificial dikes and pumps ensure that the old lakebed remains dry. The pumped water flows into the straight North Channel, while the more natural drainage water flows through the much smaller but more winding South Channel. The area is rich in wildlife and a good fishing area for sea trout, pike, perch, roach, and bream.

    Kolindsund runs from Grenaa to Kolind, providing many opportunities to explore the area. In Kolind, for example, you can park at Drasbeksgade, and in Grenaa, there is parking behind the Netto supermarket near the train station.

    Fishing licenses for Kolindsund can be purchased at Kolind Boghandel (Kolind Bookstore).

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  • Photo: Djurs Sommerland

    Djurs Sommerland - the largest amusement park in the Nordic region

    19.17 km

    News 2024: Dizzyingly tall drop tower

    In the popular Mexico Land, you can experience a brand-new attraction in 2024 - a drop tower reaching 60 meters, twice as high as both Piraten and DrageKongen, some of the largest roller coasters in Denmark.

    Height: 60 meters, free fall: 100 km/h, heart rate: high, adrenaline: through the roof!

    Dinosaur Land – a gigantic experience

    Dinosaur Land is a fantastic themed area with 25 life-size dinosaurs and 6 fun rides for both small and big dino hunters.

    Hop on the 400-meter-long family roller coaster, T-Rex Family Coaster, and zoom past giant carnivores and impressive longnecks. Or embark on a jeep safari with Dino Xpedition through the winding mines and dense forests of the dinosaur reserve, where ancient reptiles rule.

    Look forward to exploring the Dinosaur Playground as well, where ancient dinosaur bones and brand-new experiences always hide just below the surface and around the next corner.

    Denmark's most fun roller coasters for the whole family

    If you're looking for speed, you've come to the right place. In Djurs Sommerland, you can experience 8 of Denmark's most fun roller coasters. Jump aboard Piraten, which, at 32 meters high and a top speed of 90 km/h, has been named one of the world's best roller coasters.

    Feel the rush as DrageKongen – Europe's fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster – dives from a height of 30 meters at 85 km/h. Or hop on Juvelen's ATVs and be shot off at up to 85 km/h in Denmark's longest roller coaster!

    Also, try the family roller coasters, Thors Hammer, Den Vilde Hønsejagt, and Jungle Rally, where even the youngest daredevils can join in.

    Waterpark for water lovers

    Remember to bring your swimwear when visiting Djurs Sommerland and have an incredibly enjoyable time in the enormous Waterpark, where you can bask in the sun by the water's edge or rev up the excitement on the many water slides.

    Food, relaxation, and green oases

    There's room for both fun and relaxation in Djurs Sommerland. After exploring the many themed areas and trying out some of the rides, it might be time for a cozy moment in one of the park's countless green oases. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many cozy eateries, where you can choose from build-your-own burgers and buffets to delicious wraps and salads. Or choose to enjoy your packed meal in one of the park's many green areas.

    World-class fun

    Djurs Sommerland is literally world-class fun. So, gather your family and experience for yourself why the park was named "Europe's Best Family Park" in 2019 and "Amusement Park of the Year in Denmark" in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

    Remember, once the entrance fee is paid, you have free access to all the park's attractions.

    2024 season: April 27 – October 20.
    See opening hours and other important information at

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  • Photo: Skandinavisk Dyrepark

    Skandinavisk Dyrepark - Scandinavian Wildlife Park

    20.62 km

    Meet the polar bears

    Visit the curious polar bear cubs in their own facility and watch how they play and explore the world with their mother. In the large polar bear park, you will also meet the four giant adult males. You will be amazed when watching about 2 tons of polar bear splashing with water - just beneath your feet.

    In addition to the polar bears, you can also experience brown bears, sea eagles and wolves as well as many other Nordic animals in large and natural enclosures.

    The park's guides are always ready with fascinating stories from the world of animals.

    Predator feedings and sea eagle show

    Watch the guides feed the predators and experience their exciting stories from the world of animals. Be captivated by the majestic Steller's sea eagles during the beautiful eagle show.

    On the Nature trail you can be inspired to create a more nature-friendly garden, where a richer wildlife can give you wilder experiences - even from the comfort of your own home!

    An abundance of activities

    In the middle of the park, you can explore skulls, pelts, bones and antlers from many different animals. Finally, do not miss the opportunity to feed the goats and fallow deer, and try the exciting challenges on the huge playground.

    Lunch time or time for a snack?

    Visit the cozy Loghouse Café and taste the delicious dishes inspired by "the wild cuisine". The menu offers tasty specialties, healthy salads, delicious barbecue menus and a little something for the sweet tooth.

    You’re welcome to bring your own picnic basket to enjoy in the many picnic areas around the park. It is also possible to borrow the grill or order different kinds of barbecue packages prior to the visit. The ice cream shops offer delicious ice cream waffles, snacks, sausages, and drinks.

    Take a souvenir home with you

    In the souvenir shops there is a large and beautiful selection of quality goods for every taste and budget.

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  • Photo: Annelise Munkholm Zoo

    Munkholm Zoo

    20.1 km

    Munkholm Zoo

    There are more than 90 kinds of different animals. You can cuddle some of the animals if you like. You are welcome to bring your own picnic basket, but you can also buy something at the small shop on Dyrenes Gård. There are also restrooms, also for disabled people and babies.

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  • Photo: Destination Djursland

    Løvenholm Skovene

    24.49 km

    Red Deer stock can be traced directly back to the Stone Age. The area has many interesting legends and stories.
    Palace Gardens are open to the public. See the moat, the garden with tree avenue and stone fences demarcating the garden and landscape, the millpond and the old smithy
    There are great opportunities for walks in the woods and do not forget a trip to the lake which is beautifully located in the woods.

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  • Photo: Asger Christiansen

    The Railway Museum Djurslands Jernbanemuseum

    24.63 km

    Railway Museum

    The exhibition is built in and around the 100-year old engine shed and includes steam trains among other things. You are welcome to try many of the exhibits. Try the model railway.

    From October through May, the museum is only open for booked groups of min. 10 persons. Call +45 23 42 57 43 to make an appointment.

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  • Photo: Ree Park Safari

    Ree Park Safari

    27.05 km

    Close to the animal kingdom Ree Park Safari

    Djursland’s large safari park makes lots of wild impressions. On your journey through the park’s continents, you will experience a world full of fascinating animals. The scenic surroundings provide the animals with ample space to roam about and behave naturally. Every day there are a lot of fun and exciting activities for the entire family.

    NEW 2024: Offroad Patrol for kids only

    Look forward to this year's new addition to Ree Park Safari, Junior Ranger World. Through play and learning, children are trained to look after the world's nature. Join Denmark's first off-road patrol for cool kids, where animals are waiting to be discovered and exciting missions are waiting to be completed!
    In electric Landrovers, kids can drive themselves on patrol, and when the track is completed, kids get their very own Junior Ranger Card and become a real ranger. Watch out for the photo traps and dangerous animals on the road!

    Land Rover Safari

    Join us on a terrific safari on the great savannah and get really close to giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, and many other animals. On the way, the guide will tell you about the wild animals of the savannah.

    Wild animal activities

    Meet the rare bongo antelopes, the cheetahs, the only zoo in Denmark and Scandinavia's only black rhino. Visit the curious lemurs, the cheeky skull monkeys and several other monkey species as you walk freely on the monkey islands with them.

    The American Express

    Go on a fascinating train ride across the North American prairie. The steam train, the Black Beauty, running on real steam, or the diesel train, Armstrong, lead the way, as you step on board for a ride back in time, and you get really close to the bison, moose, black bears, and arctic wolves.

    Practical information

    Car parking
    Ree Park Safari offers 450 free parking spaces right outside the park. Disabled parking and motorbike parking are also available closer to the entrance. Electric car charging is available with Clever and E.ON.

    Public transport
    From Aarhus:
    Regional bus 123 to Ebeltoft. Change to bus 351 towards Grenaa and get off in Hyllested. From here it is approx. 3 km to Ree Park.
    Regional bus 122 towards Grenaa and get off in Tirstrup. From here it is approx. 7 km to Ree Park.

    From Randers:
    Regional bus 212 to Ebeltoft. Get off in Øksenmølle, from where it is just under 5 km to Ree Park, or continue to Ebeltoft and change to bus 351 towards Grenaa, get off in Hyllested.

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  • Photo: Per Bille

    The Frigate Jylland

    34.88 km

    There are lots of opportunities for fun activities at the Frigate Jylland - you can even try and experience life on the seas more than 100 years ago:

    • Help load a 30-pound muzzle-loading cannon and remember to hold your ears during the cannon show.
    • Go on a sailing tour with the Frigate’s old auxiliary boat “Barkassen” on Ebeltoft Bay.
    • Go with the climbing instructor 23 metres up in the rigging and see the ship, the town and the bay from above.

    Maritime cultural heritage for the whole family

    Help cabin boy Karl in the search for his lost pocket knife, frolic in the maritime playground or focus all your efforts on trying to live like a sailor.

    A 1000 stories come to life

    The exhibition hall provides the opportunity for immersion in the ship’s very interesting history, and aboard the ship you can experience it full speed ahead when the museum’s guides show and explain how the drama unfolded aboard the big warship, which later became both the royal yacht and summer holiday digs for school children from the province.

    Today, the ship is well-restored and ready to receive its guests in Ebeltoft, just as fine and well-kept as on the May day in 1864 when the ship and crew met their enemies at Helgoland.

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  • Photo: Memphis Mansion

    Memphis Mansion

    48.32 km

    A tribute to the king of rock 'n' roll! 

    The building houses an American Diner Highway 51, Elvis Museum, a souvenir shop and party rooms. The museum is based on a large collection of things involving Elvis. The collection belongs to the owner of Memphis Mansion, Henrik Knudsen. Randers is the only place outside the USA that has its own Elvis museum. 

    Experience Elvis' Birth Place

    In 2013 a copy of Elvis’ birthplace was built, a small wooden house of approximately 50 square meters. Nowhere else in the world is it possible to experience in one and the same place, where Elvis was born, and where he lived from 1957 until his death in 1977, only 42 years old.

    Highway 51- Elvis would eat here

    Highway 51 Diner is All American - both in interior and food, that is made from recipies from the southern states. It is an unique in Denmark - Elvis would eat here! 

    Entrance is free for children under 12 years, when accompanied by an adult.

    #memphismansionranders #theking #visitranders 

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