The fairytale: “The Golden Shoe”. Chapter 4 Stouby - Vejle Fjord area

Take a walk in the past

A fairytale about trolls, witches and knights as well as the things and places you can experience in our four adventurous areas.

Chapter 4: Stouby - Vejle Fjord area.

Driving past Barritskov Manor, mom commented on the view, but Dad was captivated by the troll’s story about the Black Hole on a road nearby. A road that everyone avoids at night, because it is haunted and the sight is so terrible that you have to close your eyes. Dad shuddered at the thought and was relieved it was broad daylight.
They asked everywhere for Kalf and the golden shoe.

They asked at the campsite on top of the rolling hills, where the day laborers used to grow onions to make ends meet. They asked at the campsite on the coast
of Vejle Fjord and at the campsite at the edge of the forest.
In the afternoon, they met a woman on a horse by the old lighthouse and she told them that Kalf’s castle was not far away. They returned to the wagon through
a large park, connected to what used to be a hospital and now converted into a famous spa hotel.
They continued in the wagon until they reached Kalf’s castle “Stagsevold”, located deep in Staksrode Forest.

They got out of the wagon and looked at the building with towers at each corner. They walked over the bridge across the moat surrounding the castle and the troll knocked hard on the big wooden door. After knocking unsuccessfully a few times, the troll pushed the door. It was heavy, but not locked. “Push!” he said to his travelling companions. The door opened so suddenly that they tumbled forward, landing on top of each other in the doorway. Kalf and his men stood in front of them with their swords pointed at them. “Get up!” said Kalf and they reluctantly got up. “Throw the axe!” the troll cried to Dad, just as the knight and his men charged at them. The axe seemed to decide its own direction. First it flew to one side hitting a man, then to another side to hit another, and then back again to hit a third. When only Kalf and a couple of men were left, the axe dropped to the ground, out of energy. Kalf’s men stormed forward and Ella suddenly remembered the mini-mill. She hurriedly reached into Mom’s bag and pulled out the mill.

She started the wings and pointed it at the men, who fell down one by one. Now there was only Kalf himself left.
“If you’ve come here for your golden shoe, you have come in vain. I hid it in Grund Forest” said the knight triumphantly to the troll. The troll was now so angry that he put a curse on Kalf; “Everything you build will collapse!” he shouted. “And you will suffer the same fate when you least expect it!”

As he spoke the last words, thunder seemed to come from below and the ground began to move. Dad shouted; “We need to get out of here!” They all ran back through the wooden door and across the bridge back to the wagon. Benjamin had turned around for the axe and came panting behind them. He had only just crossed the bridge when the castle collapsed, and fire rose like a golden blanket from the ground.
They drove away noticing Kalf riding off on his horse.
“Oh no! He got away” said Ella worried. The troll smiled, “don’t worry. He can’t get away from the curse.”

Arriving in Grund Forest the troll said; ”It must be in Guldhøj” (Gold Hill). They followed him through the woods.
”Shhhh!” dad said. Suddenly, a pack of terrifying, growling dogs swarmed forward. Ella hid behind her dad as the dogs closed in on them. Mom quickly tied the gold thread to a tree and dad pulled it and tied it to another, separating them from the dogs that tripped and disappeared into thin air.
A tall hunter in green clothes appeared on his horse, riding at them with his sword lifted. ”The axe!” cried the troll. Dad flung the axe forward, just as the troll was struck by the sword and sank to the ground. The axe hit the hunter who disappeared like snow in the sun.

They ran to the troll. ”I’m okay, it’s just a scratch” he said. ”You’ll be fine”, Mom smiled. They pulled him to his feet. ”Let’s get the shoe”, said Dad winking at Ella.

The troll got his shoe back and the family got a bag of gold and lived happily ever after, telling everyone who would listen about their adventures.
Each following day, Kalf rebuilt his castle and every night it collapsed again. Eventually, he gave up and built Rosenvold Castle by the water instead.

One day, Kalf was looking for ships to rob on top of a cliff by the fjord, when the slope collapsed under him, sending him into the depths never to be heard of again.
An evil fate has since followed the cliff and many tragic events have happened there. It is said, that the curse can only be lifted, if a person does a noble deed there or risks his own life to save the life of another.

Rosenvold - It’s still standing.

 The end.

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