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Kirkeibyen (City church), Apostolic Church in Kolding is a part of the apostolic network (, which consists of about 35 congregations across Denmark.
Analysis has shown that every 4th churchgoer in DK visits a free (independent) church on Sundays. In Kolding we gather about 250-300 grown-ups and children of all ages for Sunday service. The church is a church for all generations. We try to make a framework for fellowship criss-crossing age-span. We are people with different backgrounds, and have a big multitude. You can almost say, that what binds us together is our differences. Unity in multitude, if you want. We attach great importance on the children in our Sunday services by offering an exciting children’s church.
We give a lot of room for song and music. Our worship and praise is also expressed with a lot of variation. You will find many people on stage and many musicians. The style is fresh and very relevant to the time we live in.
The preaching has a lot of importance to us. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word to us as Danes – also today! The Bible is our vantage point as being church and Christians. In the preaching we strive to make it useful and attachable to our every day living in all circumstances.

Fellowship is very central to us. A part of our Sunday service is placed in a café- environment, where we drink coffee, tea and have a good time with one another. It is also possible to buy lunch after the service and enjoy it in the café. We have Sunday service every Sunday at 10-11.30 with following fellowship in the church Café. Most Sunday services are interpreted into English. 
Apostolic church in Denmark has a convention every year  ( in Kolding, (from 2nd Saturday in July and a week onwards – week 28 mostly) by the International Apostolic Bible College in Kolding.
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