Sporet ved Hjarup Vådområde

Take a walk in the past

The Track by Hjarup Vådområde

The Track by Hjarup Vådområde is located approx. 8 km southwest of the village Hjarup by Kolding.
The marked route is approx. 3.5 km + 1.5 km (to Søgård Lake) and begins at the old sewage disposal plant on Fløjbjergvej. In the fields and around the wetland you can, in the summer see the beautiful Salers cattle (see descriptions in the area).

See the route here: Hjarup Vådområde - Walk

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  • Sporet ved Hjarup Vådområde
  • Sporet ved Hjarup Vådområde
    6580 Vamdrup