Take a walk in the past

On the northern side of Vejle Inlet – with the woods of Nørreskoven as its nearest neighbour and only a few kilometres to central Vejle – lies a park with a special significance for local townspeople. Skyttehushaven has for generations been a communal gathering point for weddings, family occasions, picnics, concerts, Midsummer’s Eve celebrations, and much more.

Vejle’s popular garden was re-opened in May 2019 in a completely new form. Skyttehushaven has for a year and a half undergone a radical transformation with due respect for the history and soul of the garden. In addition, eight new green spaces have been added along with new pathways, a new stage, a newly renovated aviary and pavilion, and an inlet beach facing Vejle. Vantage points facing the inlet have also been established, offering views to the Vejle Bridge and the town’s waterfront. Naturally, you can still enjoy lunch both indoors and outdoors at the refurbished Restaurant Skyttehuset, and you can purchase ice cream from the ice cream kiosk. For children, there is a hazel bush tunnel, a forest slide, stepping stones, climbing frames and a swing tree.

The pier has also been renovated. Here you can enjoy waterfront strolls. Canoes and kayaks are able to moor here.

During the summer, concerts and other events will be hosted on stage in Skyttehushaven. The park is also the venue of festivities on Constitution Day and Midsummer’s Eve. Riffle Clubs additionally still host events in the gardens.                                                                                                      

The history of Skyttehushaven
Skyttehushaven opened to the public in 1914, when Vejle Municipality purchased the garden. Previously, the garden was used by Riffle Clubs. In 1859, the Riffle Clubs created a shooting range and constructed the first building in the garden the same year. A dance pavilion was added in 1868 followed by a music pavilion in 1881.

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