Nicolai for children

Take a walk in the past

The house, called Nicolai for children, reveals an entirely new world that you most certainly have not seen before in your life. It is a place, where you can experience four different universes at the same time; a place, where you are encouraged to be active, creative and hungry for games.

Start the tour in the Jungle and be a part of Mowgli’s wild world, where you can climb the green ropes running from floor to ceiling, or jump from one colourful island to the other without touching the ground. Does it not sound awesome to be able to enjoy nature indoors? Bring your friends, and the game becomes even more exciting.

The unforgettable adventure continues in the Cave, where you by magic can transform yourself into the prettiest princess on Earth or the bravest knight the world has ever seen. Let your fantasy take over in the theater room, defeat the evil dragon and become the celebrated hero of the Cave.

But the excitement doesn’t stop here. If you go up to the first floor, you find two creative workshops, where you can paint and draw, cut and glue and experiment with hundreds of different materials, which you can use to create your own dream toy. Colours, shapes and sizes will not set any boundaries for your imagination, so do not hesitate, come and build your supersonic car or design your own doll house and take your new toy home, if you wish.

If you would like to see Nicolai’s universe from above, you can spend some time in the Cloud on the second floor. When you sit on the cloud and look down through the glass floor to the workshop room, let your thoughts and dreams take you away. Relax, be inspired and start playing all over again!  

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