Memorial for Morten Larsen

Take a walk in the past

Morten Larsen was a minister of an independent church in Holstebro for 40 years from 1888. He had a great personality together with a strong spiritual integrity.

The memorial stone is placed in front of Holstebro Free Congregation Church and it is Thorvald Westergaard who made this unique memorial compared to other memorial stones.

At the reveal, Thorvald Westergaard shares his thoughts about it:

"I was born in the countryside. There were two shrines that stood in deep reverence.

The first: nature - the landscape - the sky - the stars - the vast universe.

The other: the great granite church of our fathers.

The essential thing for a human being is the attitude of the mind - its openness. "

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VisitNordvestkysten, Holstebro

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