Brobyværk Kro

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131 ratings

Brobyværk Kro

Guest ratings
131 ratings

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Nice inn in Funen with Odense Å in the backyard

For centuries Brobyværk Kro have been known for hosting travelers and welcoming these with a comfortable bed. In continuation of the change of ownership in 2020, both the main house and the rooms have undergone a thorough renovation to maintain an authentic Inn in contemporary development. Today, the modern Inn contains everything the contemporary traveler needs - without compromising on the existing idyll

All of the 17 rooms provided by the inn are equipped with private shower and toilet, TV, internet, desk space, refrigerator, coffee / tea maker and wardrobe. In addition, there is free parking available, and all stays include breakfast. 8 rooms include the enchanting view down Odense å, right from the bed. The inn also has three beautiful conference-/ banqueting rooms, a bar, a TV room and an a la carte restaurant.

The restaurant strives to express the Danish cuisine. “With respect for the traditional kitchen, we will add a modern twist, while courts inspired by the French brasserie kitchen are served rustically enough that they belong in a Danish inn.” The ingredients are fresh and seasonal, with a focus on shopping locally. Conversely, the wine list will send your palate on a trip around the world.

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi

  • Restaurant

  • Free parking

  • Airport: 100 km

  • Trainstation: 17 km

  • Busstop: 100 m

  • Beach: 16 km

  • Fishing: 0 m

  • Golf: 12 km

  • 17 rooms

With the Odense River in the backyard

Brobyværk Kro is located where the old country road crosses Odense Å, roughly between Odense, Faaborg and Assens. The central location is the perfect place when gathering friends and family from across the country, but also the perfect starting point when experiencing the beautiful Fyn; nature, urban life, the sea and a load of attractions.

The village is named after a plant, because right here in Broby – related to the manor Brobygård - Denmark's first weapons factory was established in 1648. Here, the hydropower in the river was used to operate a hammer mill. The royal ancestor Frederik III had a sword made at Brobyværk, which bears his name and the phrase “To win or die”. The foundation of the plant has most likely generated a lot of traffic throughout the city, and Brobyværk Kro can trace their history back to 1645, i.e., about the same time as the establishment of the weapons factory. A few hundred years later, in 1732, Brobyværk Kro received royal privilege.

The view over Odense å, the newly renovated surroundings and a passionate kitchen means that Brobyværk Kro has developed from being a bed and meal for passing travelers, to Brobyværk Kro currently being an experience for travelers and tourists to seek out.

Chef Jannik Jensen and restaurant manager Henrik Krammager, as well as the inn's staff,

The entire team at Brobyværk Kro is looking forward to writing new chapters in the history with you.


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