Brobyværk Kro

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Brobyværk Kro is situated where the road between Odense and Faaborg crosses the stream Odense Aa. The idyllic inn with the river in the backyard has traditions for receiving guests. Naturally it has been modernised, but the spirit and the cosiness still preserve here, and the cuisine has a good reputation.

Marsk Billesvej 15, 5672 Broby

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  • Train: 17 km
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  • Beach: 16 km
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  • Golf: 12 km
  • 17 Rooms

Stays and sleepovers atBrobyværk Kro

With the Odense River in the backyard

For centuries Brobyværk Kro have been known for hosting travelers and welcoming these with a comfortable bed. In continuation of the change of ownership in 2020, both the main house and the rooms have undergone a thorough renovation to maintain an authentic Inn in contemporary development. Today, the modern Inn contains everything the contemporary traveler needs - without compromising on the existing idyll

All of the 17 rooms provided by the inn are equipped with private shower and toilet, TV, internet, desk space, refrigerator, coffee / tea maker and wardrobe. In addition, there is free parking available, and all stays include breakfast. 8 rooms include the enchanting view down Odense å, right from the bed. The inn also has three beautiful conference-/ banqueting rooms, a bar, a TV room and an a la carte restaurant.

The restaurant strives to express the Danish cuisine. “With respect for the traditional kitchen, we will add a modern twist, while courts inspired by the French brasserie kitchen are served rustically enough that they belong in a Danish inn.” The ingredients are fresh and seasonal, with a focus on shopping locally. Conversely, the wine list will send your palate on a trip around the world.

Brobyværk Kro is located where the old country road crosses Odense Å, roughly between Odense, Faaborg and Assens. The central location is the perfect place when gathering friends and family from across the country, but also the perfect starting point when experiencing the beautiful Fyn; nature, urban life, the sea and a load of attractions.

The village is named after a plant, because right here in Broby – related to the manor Brobygård - Denmark's first weapons factory was established in 1648. Here, the hydropower in the river was used to operate a hammer mill. The royal ancestor Frederik III had a sword made at Brobyværk, which bears his name and the phrase “To win or die”. The foundation of the plant has most likely generated a lot of traffic throughout the city, and Brobyværk Kro can trace their history back to 1645, i.e., about the same time as the establishment of the weapons factory. A few hundred years later, in 1732, Brobyværk Kro received royal privilege.

The view over Odense å, the newly renovated surroundings and a passionate kitchen means that Brobyværk Kro has developed from being a bed and meal for passing travelers, to Brobyværk Kro currently being an experience for travelers and tourists to seek out.

Chef Jannik Jensen and restaurant manager Henrik Krammager, as well as the inn's staff,

The entire team at Brobyværk Kro is looking forward to writing new chapters in the history with you.



Marsk Billesvej 15
5672 Broby

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Attractions nearby of Brobyværk Kro

  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    De Japanske Haver

    5.11 km

    The Japanese Gardens is a garden architectural gem where 8 different styles of Japanese garden culture can be experienced up close on Funen. They are landscaped according to unique ancient Japanese traditions. The styles are view, tea, forest, hiking, water, courtyard, temple and meditation gardens. Here you can enjoy the moulded shrubs and layered trees, views of several lakes, many streams. Find peace in the meditation house.

    The gardens total 7500 m2 and are landscaped with more than 5000 plants and around 900 tonnes of natural stone. With its footpaths and many garden rooms, it will give visitors an intimate and harmonious experience.

    In the café, you can savour a selection of Japanese-inspired dishes such as sushi or Japanese "meatballs". Danish food is also served, but the common denominator is that all dishes are served according to Japanese traditions. Buns, cakes and pastries are also served. The café is open until 17:00.

    The shop is filled with exclusive items imported directly from Japan, such as porcelain, glassware, teapots and ikabane. There are gift items in all price ranges. The shop also has a small exclusive plant sale of bonsai and some of the garden's speciality plants, as well as gardening and bonsai tools.

    The gardens also contain a collection of Rhododendron species and Iris. Shrubs and trees will be in harmonious bloom throughout the season. The hardy Camellia, cherry trees, Rhododendron, Hotensia and Azalea, as well as many other plants, bloom from May to September.

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  • Photo: Fotograf Andreas Schnalke

    Skoda Museum Denmark

    12.61 km

    Skoda Museum Danmark

    The museum's collection is from the first mass-produced Škoda 420 Popular from 1937 to Skoda Felicia 1996 which was the first car in collaboration with VW.

    All the cars in the museum are a result of enthusiasts love for the brand Škoda. The cars have been privately owned for generations, is built from scratch and last but not least, all cars is a part of an incredible history. 

    Opening hours:
    May and September:
    weekends and public holidays 13:00 to 17:00

    June, July and August
    Tuesday-Sunday 13:00 to 17:00

    Fall break
    Open every day from Saturday in week 41 until Sunday in week 42 13.00 pm. 17:00.

    Adults: DDK 55,00
    Joint ticket with Flax Weaving Museum: DKK 115.00
    Children under 12 years: Free

    Groups all year round by special arrangement.

    Please contact the Skoda Museum for further details.

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  • Photo: Udvikling Assens - VisitAssens

    Denmark's Bird Zoo

    12.81 km

    WELCOME TO DENMARK'S BIRDS ZOO "The place where anything can happen"

    The Danish Bird Zoo with its 5 hectares idyllic Funen nature, and 800 birds from all around the world, it is one of Scandinavia's largest special zoos` with birds and poultry.

    On the 2 kilometer long handicap friendly tour, there will be the opportunity to put your knowledge of birds to try, or get relaxed completely in the beautiful idyll as the bird zoo has.

    All around there are good explanatory signs with many useful information. In the kiosk you can buy small assignments for the kids or a check list for the adults, so everyone get to see it all. Bird groups include parrots, swimming birds, ostriches, pheasants, owls, chickens and peacocks.

    At Baby Zoo everyone can see and experience the story "from Egg to chicken" or perhaps find the real explanation of "Who came first - the chicken or the egg"?

    Around the park there is a collection of old Danish farm tools, and they are thrown here and there, as you have always done here in the country. Around the park there is ample opportunity to eat your picnic or use one of the 3 large grill places.

    Playground as the tour ends with is a little challenging haven for many children. A fun long cable car, and challenging climb and ruching tube, and an area with petting animals like rabbits and goats. On the large activity room will there throughout the season be various events both from the stage, but also on the lawn. Remember our motto "The place where anything can happen".

    Danish Bird Zoo also has a small InfoCenter with even more nostalgic old machines and tools from rural life in the old days. There can also be obtained even more experiences on any other attractions in the area right around bird zoo. On the first floor is decorated a large conference room which held many lectures and briefing meetings with birds in general. It must be quite clear that we love to do as well as possible for all captive birds. The conference room can be rented for meetings or a different company meeting.

    Parrot Cafe is always ready with fresh coffee and homemade cake, and many good barbecue dishes. The cafe also organize small birthday partie or small parties in the premises.

    Are you tired, or it's getting late, you can rent a shelter to stay in. The shelter is near the the parking lot. If you are coming in a motorhome you can also sleep at the parking lot for the night.

    Dogs are not allowed in the bird zoo; but you can use one of our free dog pens (Dogs Parking).

    Opening hours, prices and activities/events can also be found on our website:

    Find us on youtube:

    Danmarks Fugle Zoo

    På rundtur i Danmarks Fugle Zoo

    Sct. Hans aften

    Falkoner opvisning

    Papegøjer i Danmarks Fugle Zoo

    DirkJan Ranzijn live i Danmarks Fugle Zoo

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  • Photo: Michella Lyngbye Kornager

    Viking Ship

    14.98 km

    Artist: Erling Tingkær (1948 - )

    Installed in 1990 by PKA, the developer and owner of Vikingegården. The Viking ship sails with "foam for the bow" directly towards the harbour and Faaborg Fjord. The flagpole of the residential complex is to act as the ship's mast. The hoist is missing. It had to be abandoned for island reasons and was replaced by a natural stone.

    Height: 3,5 m Width 3,5 m, Depth 4 m
    Waves: Height 55 cm, Width: 3,75 m Depth 22 cm

    Translated with (free version)

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  • Photo: Ard Jongsma

    Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg

    15 km

    Feel the Magic

    Nature has always played a central part in the lives of humans. However, in course of time, industrialisation and urbanisation have estranged us from the very same nature. Therefore, Øhavsmuseet has made it a focal point to offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your roots. Guided by sounds, lights, ambience, and exciting stories, you are led through 5 periods in history to experience Nature’s influence on human beings. While exposed to the power of Nature, your reactions will be tested. Walk through our exhibition and a magical world will unfold. Here, you can get in touch with yourself and discover that you are part of something bigger, where everything is connected.

    Experience a museum about you and Nature

    As the first of its kind in Denmark, Øhavsmuseet put YOU in focus, rather than artifacts and explanatory text. Your visit will be filled with mini adventures and you will learn, how you and your family or friends react to Nature’s different stimuli. Additionally, you may pick up something new about the Stone Age, the Archipelago of Southern Funen, and bog offerings from the Iron Age. Still, it will be you and Nature’s impact on you that play the key role.

    Follow a secret kid’s trail into the past

    A visit to Øhavsmuseet is an experience to share. That’s why you can look forward to adventures that will challenge young and old alike. Through the entire exhibition, kids can follow a secret trail, enabling them to enjoy the activities as much as the adults. 

    Find magic just around the corner

    A visit to Øhavsmuseet is also a visit to the Geopark of Southern Funen Archipelago. Here, we will present to you a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy either on your own or together with our guides.

    Grab your remote control to Nature

    At Øhavsmuseet, you are operating the exhibition by a simple remote control - an audio guide with stories narrated by professional actors. You will need the device to control activities at the exhibition. Your ticket includes hire of the remote control and it can be operated by kids from age 2. You are welcome to bring your own headphones for your comfort and convenience.

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    The town of Faaborg

    15.05 km

    Faaborg Shopping and City Life
    The city name “Foburgh” which is believed to mean “the castle of the fox”, is mentioned for the first time in the year 1229, where King Valdemar the victorious presented Faaborg as a gift to his Portuguese daughter-in-law, Princess Eleonora. The old merchant’s city still has its original small and cosy streets that provide a glorious setting for a wide variety of shopping possibilities. And it is certainly worthwhile to explore all the specialised shops. Film about Faaborg. Films about active holiday around Faaborg.
    All the restaurants, cafes and the architecture of the buildings surrounding the sculpture “Ymerbrønden” on the town square, create a pleasant atmosphere. Many events take place on the town square throughout the year, featuring eg music or entertainment, resulting in an almost Mediterranean atmosphere in the idyllic merchant’s town. Find lots of information about the local eateries and delicatessen shops in the free culinary guide.
    Bell Tower, City Gate and Watchmen 
    Faaborg’s landmark, the Bell Tower is a relic of the old Skt. Nikolajs church which was demolished in the middle of the 16th century. The oldest parts of the tower date back to the 15th century. The view from the tower over the red roofs of the city, the hills of Svanninge Bakker, as well as the Southfunen Archipelago is breathtaking. Listening to the melodies from the largest glockenspiel on Funen is a pleasure that takes place every day at 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and 8 pm. Throughout summer, the city watchmen start their rounds from the bell tower at 9 pm from July 3 to August 27. The western gate at the street Vestergade has been built around the year 1400 and is the only one, out of 3 presumed city gates in Faaborg, which has survived. In Denmark one can only find a similar medieval city gate in the city of Stege on the island of Møn.
    One of the most beautiful ar museums in Denmark - an architectural gem presenting the funen artists, who lived here and painted sceneries from the nearby surroundings of Faaborg - Faaborg Museum. The Faaborg Gaol Museum - at the town square in the middle of Faaborg lies the town´s former gaol and town court; a building nowadays housing the Gaol Museum. Here you can experience a closed world normally hidden behind bars and fences.
    Castles and manor houses
    On Funen, ther are 123 castles and manor houses. Not all are open to the public but can be armired from the street. Some of the castles near Faaborg have played an important role in the history of Denmark. Egeskov is for the whole family an experience.
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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Faaborg Minitown

    15.04 km

    Welcome to Faaborg MiniTown. We are working on an english version of our website, and therefore you can only get this introduction page at the moment. At Faaborg MiniTown you can visit a historically and size-wise correct representation of Faabog Town anno 1890, in 10:1 scale. You can see more than 140 houses built after original architect drawings, and hand crafted down to the smallest detail. Come by, and have a fun, exciting and educational day. See how we built the houses and hear stories about the original inhabitants of the house. You are very much wellcome to bring your food and consume it on our terrace, under the roof or in open air. We have toilets for handicaps also.

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  • Photo: 24Copenhagen

    Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

    18.02 km

    A zoo for the whole family
    Odense ZOO is a zoological garden for the whole family – with lots of experiences for both little ones and adults. When you visit the zoo, you will surely get a nice and educational day filled with different experiences and lots of fun. While the younger ones play, the adults can enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee. Afterwards you can continue the tour around the garden which offers adventures for the whole family with many kinds of animals.

    Experience the different animals
    In Odense ZOO there are many different animals – maybe some you already know and maybe some more exotic ones. In the garden you can experience all kinds of animals like the Siberian tiger, exotic birds and the manatee below the water. When you tour the garden and see all the animals, you will experience a quite unique atmosphere and scenery which is a perfect fit according to which animals you come across – from the tropical South America to the Antarctic cold. You will also see the zebras and giraffes on the savannah and the turtles in The House of Darwin. There are many different animals in Odense ZOO, both the dangerous and wild and the smaller and softer animals.

    Up close
    There are lots of options when you want to get totally close when seeing the different kinds of animals. In Odense ZOO you can handfeed the big giraffes and during the summer holidays you get to visit the island of the lemurs where you will participate in feeding the perky animals. You can of course also watch as the zookeepers feed and train the animals in the zoo. as you can imagine, there are many opportunities for you to listen, see and learn when you visit the zoological garden with the very special and cozy atmosphere.

    Go tree-top-walking
    When visiting Odense ZOO, you have got an incredible opportunity to go to Bøgetoppen (top of the beeches). The trip in Bøgetoppen offers a walk in the canopy of the beautiful beech forest. In the canopy there are nine different platforms which are all connected by suspension bridges. Here you will get to experience a trip in a height of six to twelve meters above the ground! A very fun experience for the whole family when you get take the 250 meters long walk in the trees. A walk which offers both a beautiful view and maybe even some challenges. On the trip you will get to test your trivia knowledge in a digital quiz about Danish nature. In the quiz you might get some new information or maybe you get to beat your family in the fun game of who has the most knowledge about animals and insects in the canopy or the forest floor below.
    And the best part of it all: Odense ZOO is open all year round – so bring your family and get an experience of a lifetime!   

    Prices and tickets

    Daily Programme

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  • Photo: Anja Panduro

    Hans C. Andersen's Childhood Home

    20.03 km

    The house opened to the public in 1930. The cobblestone street sets the stage for a visit to the past.

    The house contains the very humble rooms which comprised the home of the great fairy tale writer and to which his dearest memories of childhood are attached. Don't confuse this house with the actual museum in the historic quarter, which you can visit also. The rooms mimic Hans Christian Andersen's descriptions in his autobiography and give you a good impression of the poverty that marked his early years.

    The charming backyard garden, which was established in 2018, is filled with plants and flowers that Andersen mentioned in his writings, like docks, an elderflower bush and more. The garden is small and surrounded by brick walls separating you from the neighbours. The atmosphere is calm, and it is hard to remember that you are standing in the city centre of Denmark's 3rd largest city.

    The Hans Christian Andersen Childhood Home is free for children under 18. Please note that opening hours may differ during holidays, visit the website for further information.

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  • Photo: Johan Joensen

    Kongens Have (King's Garden) in Odense

    20.51 km

    The King's Garden was laid out as a Baroque garden in the 1720s according to a plan by architect Johann Cornelius Krieger. Of course, many changes have been made to the garden since then, due in part to the Dutch elm disease, but parts of the old garden can still be seen. There are also a number of sculptures in the garden, including Gottfred Eickhoff's Lover's Struggle and Aksel Hansen's equestrian statue of Christian IX.

    Especially in summer, the garden is often used as a setting for various outdoor cultural events like outdoor concerts and festivals.

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