Grene Sande - 100-year-old beautiful and unique plantation area close to Billund

Take a walk in the past

Grene Sande and Gyttegaard Plantation is unique nature and cultural history

Gyttegaard Plantation is located 10 minutes outside of Billund and is a so-called "Copenhagen plantation" established in 1898 by a merchant from Copenhagen. Previously it was an area with hard-working heat peasants who fought against sand drift.

Today we see traces of both the "Copenhagen plantation" and periods of sand drifts, as the area consists of woodland, dry moorland with cranberries and heather, as well as many large and small damp fens and bogs. There are large dunes of fine light-colored sand, which you can run and play in as much as you want.

Gyttegaard Plantation and Grene Sande offers ample opportunity for hiking. There are horse trails, a mountain bike route, and a golf course that belongs to Gyttegaard Golf Club Billund, in the area.

Read more about the area in Danish Nature Agency's digital nature guide to Gyttegaard Plantation and Grene Sande (in Danish).

You can bring a picnic and enjoy nature. Meet a viper or a toad and explore between the heather and piles of sand.

Source: The Danish Nature Agency, the Triangle Region

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