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Take a walk in the past

In GIVSKUD ZOO you go on safari in your own car or with a safari bus. You get up close to the animals and experience, among other things, giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lions cross the road right in front of you. You take pleasant walks in the zoo and meet many exciting animals, e.g. gorillas, giant otters, spectacled bears and many, many others.

GIVSKUD ZOO also offers Denmark's largest dinosaur exhibition. Here you will find over 50 dinosaurs in life size, from "long necks" of around 40 meters to the "dangerous" Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In June 2022, Denmark's largest facility with penguins opened. Through the glass pane you see the many active penguins swimming under water and from the paths and platforms you experience them throwing themselves into the waves and waddling around on land.

You can also look forward to experiencing the park's many special exhibitions, including the "Plastic Planet" and the "Cabin of Death". For the children, you will find many playgrounds and activity camps, a brand-new Baby service Center for the very young and plenty of cozy oases for everyone.

See the park's opening times here.

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