Geographical Garden in Kolding for children

Take a walk in the past

This green oasis in Kolding is a place that takes you away from Europe in the moment you cross its gates. You can travel around the entire world in this enormous garden, and be part of a fantastic nature adventure, especially if you are ready to use all your senses throughout you stay. Enjoy the spectacular roses of a thousand colours, listen to the gurgle of the little brook, smell the fresh air while you play hide-and-seek in the forest of gigantic trees and pet the friendly dwarf goats, ponies and alpacas in their yard.

Travel to China, Japan, Nord or South America, crawl into their exotic caves and explore the labyrinth tunnel of the bamboo grove. If you are more curious and braver,leave no stone unturned in the wilderness around the jungle path, where crooked roots, creep under the ground like mighty snakes. Visit the first bamboo in Denmark, which was moved to Kolding from China in 1921, and find the South American mammoth leaves, which are so huge that you can completely disappear in their shadows.

If you would like to make new friends, remember to come by the animal yard and aviary, where mini pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, exotic birds and many other species are waiting for you to spend a fun day in nature.

In Geografisk Have, you will never run out of mysteries and adventures that need to be uncovered. So do not wait any longer! Let the whole world become your outdoor playground!

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Destination Trekantområdet – VisitKolding
Destination Trekantområdet – VisitKolding