Willumsens Museum

Take a walk in the past

Experience painting, sculpture and ceramics by J.F. Willumsen and exciting contemporary artists.

J. F. Willumsen moves within naturalism, symbolism and expressionism, and with his strong and expressive colors can be said to have his very own style. He dealt with virtually all art media, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, photography and architecture, and his sense of colour, form and narrative runs like a red thread through all his works.

Willumsens Museum is for all ages

The museum is an explosion of color in all the colors of the rainbow - just enough to stimulate the senses of both children and adults. At the museum, the children have a positive encounter with the world of art, for example through family Sundays, creative events and exhibitions for children. Go up close to the many works together with the children and examine which materials are used, how they are used and how they differ from each other.

Permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions

The museum was inaugurated in 1957 on the basis of a deed of gift from J.F. Willumsen himself, and the gift included both his own works in painting, sculpture and ceramics and his large, private art collection, Gamle Samling.

Willumsen's works as well as a selection of older works from his private collection form the permanent exhibitions at the Willumsens Museum.

The museum also has a long tradition of exciting special exhibitions, where contemporary artists in painting, sculpture and ceramics are invited to enter into a dialogue with Willumsen and his art.

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