Taastrup Park Hotel

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Taastrup Park Hotel is situated centrally between Roskilde and Copenhagen, not far from the motorway. The hotel has its own free car park and is located just a two-minute walk from Taastrup Station, restaurants and shops. The comfortable rooms and delicious breakfast buffet keep our guests coming back again and again.

Brorsonsvej 3, 2630 Taastrup

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Hotel Facilities

  • Free wifi
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Airport: 25 km
  • Train: 200 m
  • Busstop: 50 m
  • Beach: 5 km
  • Golf: 5 km
  • 66 Rooms

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Hotel close to Copenhagen with Free Parking

Once there was a timber merchant by the name Jørgen Vestergaard. He dreamt of turning an old and large villa into a beautiful hotel filled with atmosphere. The villa was situated at the little lake Selsmose and now, some 20 years later, Taastrup Park Hotel lies here with its cosy lobby, its comfortable rooms and the carefully renovated interior.

Taastrup Park Hotel is an ideal starting point for exploring the many possibilities of Copenhagen. The hotel is close to the large approach roads and only a few hundred metres from exit 4/5 of the Holbæk motorway. From the hotel you can go by S-train to the city and visit Tivoli, Nationalmuseet (The National Museum), Amalienborg (The Royal Residence), and all the other great sights at your ease. You can also use the cultural offers of the capital in the form of a visit to the theatre or the opera.

In Taastrup you can reach several good restaurants, cafés and bars and also a bowling centre, swimming baths, and Taastrup Teater (theatre) within a few minutes on foot.

In the summer time the guests of the hotel can enjoy their breakfast in the large outdoor terrace in the atrium, and in the lobby the hotel offers free coffee and tea for the guests who wish to make themselves comfortable with the newspapers of the day or watch TV. Indoors billiard, dart and table tennis are also at your free disposal.

Worth knowing

It only takes 2 minutes from the S-train station to the hotel. You can park your car for FREE at the large parking lot. The hotel also has Weekend Offers and you can always call or send an email if you want the hear about our special offers.


Brorsonsvej 3
2630 Taastrup

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Attractions nearby of Taastrup Park Hotel

  • Photo: Ishøj Turistbureau

    Nature trail to Hedeland

    2.86 km

    The unspoilt nature track from Strandparken to Hedeland is connecting the two largest open air areas of the Western Region.

    By foot or bike, one can experience magnificent landscapes and wild nature.

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  • Photo: Ishøj Turistbureau

    Ishøj Church

    3.13 km

    Ishøj Church is a typical village church, built c. 1100.
    The pulpit, carved pews and the oldest bell date back from the Reformation period in 1620.

    A very rare find was made in 1970 during restoration when a floor of glazed, delicately decorated medieval tiles were uncovered with substantial remains of an even older floor.

    One of the floor patterns - lilies, hearts and a bird - is today used as logo for Ishøj Parish.

    A replica of this tile has been built into the foundation stone for Vejleå church, providing
    a link between the past and the present.

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  • Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

    The Viking Village in Albertslund

    4.29 km

    The Viking Village in Albertslund, just outside Copenhagen, is a historical place located with a beautiful view of Store Vejleådalen.

    In the village, you will find three small houses and a unique farmhouse, Salshuset, which is richly coloured and decorated with hand carved objects and embroidered textiles.

    The Viking Village keeps on building new things and in September 2001, it opened its new barn for the Viking keeping of animals

    You can walk around in the Viking Village without any appointment but the houses are only open on special occasions.

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  • Photo: Ishøj Turistbureau

    The Beach Park

    7.38 km

    A highlight of Ishøj's development is Ishøj Beach Park, a recreational paradise just 15 minutes from central Copenhagen.

    Ishøj beach park is an artificially created coastal environment. The work to make this park a reality in 1980 was immense, and included land reclamation, moving several million cubic metres of sand, digging lakes, making dunes and planting parks, building a harbour and constructing roads and paths. The result was marvellous with a scenic beach park covering about 5 square kilometres.

    The place is visited by thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the man-made paradise and the pure bathing water. The coastline comprises a 7 km long beach running from Brøndby via Vallensbæk and Ishøj to Greve.


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  • Photo: © Thomas Dambo. Photo: Martin Heiberg

    The Forgotten Giants

    7.45 km

    Go hunting for the six wooden giants (© Thomas Dambo) lurking in the woods of Copenhagen’s suburbs.

    Scattered around lush forests, meadows, and by calm waters in suburbia Copenhagen, you'll meet the tall, quirky-looking wooden sculptures which are pretty far from your typical tourist attraction.

    The six municipalities of the greater Copenhagen region which are homes to the impressive art pieces are definitely off the beaten track. And that's exactly why artist, Thomas Dambo opted for these scenic settings locations for his sculptures built from recycled woods; to get locals out discovering and enjoying nature. You are of course invited to do the same.

    Perfect for families who want to go beyond the usual touristy sights and attractions to enjoy nature, finding your way to the giants is a fun activity for older kids. Especially if you or your kids like that treasure hunt feel. 

    A car is needed to get around, and you might want to consider combining your trip with a visit to Arken Museum of Modern Art which is close to the sculpture in coastal Ishøj.

    Find the exact locations on the artist's website www.thomasdambo.com.

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  • Photo: Henrik Jauert

    ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art

    7.56 km

    ARKEN is a great and monumental building situated in the artificial landscape, Køge Bay Beach, a short drive or train ride south of Copenhagen. The museum has one of Scandinavia's finest collections of contemporary art, and its maritime-inspired architecture has won recognition at home and abroad since it opened in 1996.

    ARKEN's collection

    ARKEN's collection contains more than 400 works from Danish, Nordic and international contemporary artists, primarily from the period after 1990. The museum houses, among other things one of Europe's most important collections of the British artist Damian Hirst, tapestries by Grayson Perry and a masterpiece in sculpture by Ai WeiWei.

    The museum also has a permanent exhibition of the work Læsø by Asger Jorn, nine works by the German artist Anselm Reyle, recognised as one of contemporary art's most important innovators of abstract art.

    You can expect changing exhibitions in the main exhibition spaces, plus a large permanent gallery showing Hirst's work. 

    ARKEN's architecture

    The museum building is an attraction in itself. Designed by architect Søren Robert Lund, it portrays a stranded ship a few metres from the beach. The museum café hangs like a lifeboat on the side of the building and through the large panoramic windows overlooks Køge Bay.

    The museum is located in scenic surroundings between Ishøj Harbour and the long sandy beach, so a visit to the museum is not complete without a walk along the dunes and beach.

    ARKEN's museum shop

    The museum shop is the area's leading design shop with an inspiring mix of Nordic design, art books and gift items. They include items from Danish brands such as HAY, plus ARKEN designed bags and lithographs.

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  • Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

    Circus Museum

    9.64 km

    Let your inner clown out at The Circus Museum, near Copenhagen, where you can join its free circus school every Sunday and explore behind the scenes of the creative and bohemian world of the circus. 

    The museum is packed with interactive surprises and takes you on a journey through circus life with costumes, photos and plenty to enjoy. Walk in a clown’s footsteps, experience the magic of conjuring tricks or step into the ring yourself.

    Join the free circus school

    Every Sunday from 11-12:30, and every day in July, there is a free circus school for anyone who wants to try their hand at acrobatics, juggling, trapeze and more. If you get bitten by the circus bug, you can buy equipment in the museum shop and carry on developing your skills afterwards.

    The Circus Museum is located in Avedørelejren, an old barracks in Hvidore, just outside Copenhagen.

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  • Photo: Werner Karrasch

    The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

    14 km

    The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde offers an incredible insight into the world of the Vikings and their era. You will be amazed by the five original Viking vessels from the 11th-century, as well as "The Glendalough Sea Stallion". 

    The museum is made up of two main sections – the Viking Ship Hall, where the vessels are kept; and the Boatyard, where archaeological work takes place. In addition, there are guided daily tours during the peak season, weekends and public holidays in May, June and September. 

    The five Viking vessels originate from a blockade approximately 20 km north of Roskilde. They were built during the 11th-century as an act of defense against enemy naval attacks on the city which at that time was the capital.

    At the Boatyard, the boat building tradition and culture of the Viking Age is communicated through working boat builders and exhibitions showing the historical background. The boatyard specializes in reconstructions of prehistoric boats in full scale. 

    In the Viking Ship Hall, you will be given a unique opportunity of seeing the impressive "Thoroughbred of the Seas" project which took the Glendalough Sea Stallion to Dublin and back in 2007–2008. 

    In the Jetty, you can get aboard a merchant vessel filled with goods and warship equipment for battle. You can dress up like a Viking and let your imagination take you back to the Viking times.   

    At Tunet, the Viking meeting place, specialists exhibit Viking handcrafts such as metal work, wood carving or rope making. During summer, you can try coin minting, visit the jewelry workshop or paint your own shield. 

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  • Photo: PR photo

    Copenhagen Zoo

    14.1 km

    Meet more than 4,000 fascinating animals at Copenhagen ZOO and travel between continents in just one day. You can also have churros by the chimps, ice cream by the polar bears, and lunch with a panda.

    Get familiar with the iconic giant pandas while dining in the state-of-the-art Panda House. Experience unforgettable close encounters with polar bears and see the world from a giraffe’s perspective. Discover lots of animal facts and enjoy a meal from our grand selection of food stalls. ZOO is filled with explorations every day 365 days a year. A world to explore awaits.

    Restaurants in Copenhagen Zoo

    At Bistro Panpan, you can enjoy French dishes with an Asian twist at the Panda House. At Cakes & Dreams, you can enjoy delicious pastries. Spisehuset FOLK is a cozy and traditional restaurant serving classic, Danish food such as open sandwiches. All around the Zoo, there are snack stalls and stands where you can buy hot and cold drinks and ice creams. 

    Architecture at Copenhagen Zoo 

    The animals aren't the only thing to marvel at in the zoo. The zoo is also home to some architectural delights, not least the panda habitat designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, and the elephant house, designed by Norman Foster. Architecture fans might also enjoy looking at the Hippopotamus House, which opened in 2007 with walls patterned like a hippo's skin, and the Arctic Ring, which allows you to see the polar bears swimming under water.

    Plan your visit here.

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  • Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

    Tivoli Gardens

    16.78 km

    Tivoli is a playground for young and old and a spot so full of wonder that it inspired Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. Whether you come for the gardens, music or rides, you’ll have a blast.  

    Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and has become a national treasure and an international attraction. Fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen visited many times, as did Walt Disney who even found the inspiration for his own Disney World here. When the garden was founded it was placed outside the city’s moats, but today it’s located right next to the Central station and within walking distance of City hall.

    Part of Tivoli Gardens' secret is that there is something for everyone. The scenery is beautiful with exotic architecture, historic buildings, and lush gardens. At night, thousands of coloured lights create a fairytale atmosphere that is completely unique. It has quirks and charm, and details for you to discover – you might catch a glimpse of the guinea fowls or peacocks running freely through the gardens. 

    Magical, nostalgic and spooky rides

    The rides are all designed to match Tivoli's architecture and gardens. Some rides are wonderfully nostalgic, while others will match the expectations of the keenest thrill seekers. Tivoli’s oldest and most popular ride, the wooden Rollercoaster from 1914, is one of only seven rollercoasters worldwide which have a brakeman on board every train. In contrast, you’ll also find Vertigo, which will turn you upside down at 100 km/h. It was voted Europe’s Best Ride in 2014.

    The newest ride of all is Villa Vendetta, Denmark's largest permanent haunted house complete with actors, where guests embark on a journey through 12 different rooms spread over 800 spooky square meters.

    TRAVEL TIP: With a Copenhagen Card in your hand you get free admission to Tivoli and over 80 attractions as well as free public transportation in the whole capital region. 

    Dining in Tivoli Gardens

    When it comes to food, Tivoli is equally diverse. Lots of people will bring picnics to the garden, but you can also choose from Tivoli's broad selection of restaurants. You'll find everything from traditional Danish cuisine to French bistro to gourmet burgers. Tivoli has a seafood bistro, Figaro as well as the world-renowned burger chain, Gasoline Grill, and one of the city's very best vegetarian restaurants, Gemyse.

    If you’re up for a more relaxed, food-stand kind of food, Tivoli has got that as well. On the corner of Tivoli, towards the Central Station, you’ll find Tivoli Food Hall. The architects behind the building also created the stunning glass pyramid of the Louvre in Paris. Inside you’ll find a variety of different cuisines, from healthy Islandic dishes at Glò to delicious, hot flatbread at North-African Wakha, and everything in between.  

    You could also try the classy Nimb and Nimb Hotel, which are situated in Tivoli Gardens. They have a variety of different restaurants – for example in the restaurant Fru Nimb, you can get traditional Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). There is also the outstanding patisserie Cakenhagen to enjoy for its coffee, cakes and champagne.

    Want to know more about dining in the city centre? Check out our guide

    Tivoli's music program

    The music program in Tivoli has exciting events to offer every year no matter your age or genre preferences. Besides major events such as Friday Rock and Summer Classic, there is live music in Tivoli every single day. See Tivoli Gardens' music calendar.

    Tivoli's seasons

    Tivoli has opened throughout the year with a variety of themed attractions. Halloween, Christmas, winter and summer each have their own uniquely themed season in Tivoli, where the gardens are redecorated to convey the cosy winter vibes, the hearty Christmas feeling, and the nostalgic long summer days and scary Halloween. Check out the opening hours of each season on Tivoli's website. 

    Tivoli is among Copenhagen's top attractions. You can learn more about the top attractions here

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  • Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

    Amalienborg Palace

    18.62 km

    At Amalienborg Palace in the heart of Copenhagen, you can visit the seat of one of the world's oldest monarchies and go behind the scenes in a real royal palace. The palace is a must for anyone with a taste for royal history. Don't miss the palace square where you can watch the unforgettable changing of the guards.   

    The Changing of The Royal Guard

    Amalienborg is famous for its royal guard, known as The Royal Life Guard. Every day, you can watch the changing of the guards as they march from their barracks by Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen to Amalienborg, often accompanied by music. The changing of the guard takes place at noon.

    Amalienborg is made up of four identical buildings. These are Christian VII's Palace (also known as Moltke's Palace, used as a guest residence), Frederik VIII's Palace (also known as Brockdorff's Palace, home of His Majesty King Frederik X, Her Majesty Queen Mary, and their children), Christian IX's Palace (also known as Schack's Palace, home of Queen Margrethe II) and Christian VIII's Palace (also known as Levetzau's Palace, used as a guest palace for Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte). It's in this building you'll find Amalienborg Museum.

    Amalienborg Museum 

    A visit to Amalienborg Museum gives you access to the private interiors of the most recent kings and queens along with an exhibit on the monarchy today with its many traditions. It's a behind-the-scenes trip sure to delight any royal fans. 

    The scope of the museum stretches back 150 years to Christian IX and Queen Louise, who were known as "the in-laws of Europe" because four of their children ascended to the thrones of England, Greece, Russia, and Denmark.

    Royal history comes to life

    The rooms of Christian IX, Queen Louise, and their descendants are still intact, so a visit is like a journey through time. Each room reflects the modern taste of its period and the personalities of the kings and queens, whether it is in military, Victorian, or knightly style.

    TRAVEL TIP: With a Copenhagen Card in hand you get free admission to Amalienborg and over 80 attractions as well as free public transportation in the whole capital region. 

    The large garden room offers an insight into modern royal life and the monarchy in the 21st century. Royal life entails many duties and traditions, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore them and gain an understanding of what it means to be royal today.

    On most days, there is admittance to the Gala Hall and the other magnificent rooms on the Piano Nobile. The royal reception rooms are still used by the royal family for representative purposes. 

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