Von Broich Mohair

Take a walk in the past

The boutique "Von Broich Mohair" is the result of many years of breeding with mohair goats and production of rough mohair. A small group of goats are on the farm in the summertime, even the many goats for breeding has been sold. The story of mohair and the cute goats is still narrated exciting and interesting to all customers, so the acquisition of the soft products is still an experience.

The raw material and the professionalism put into the manufacturing of the finished mohair, is crucial for the quality, and therefore "Von Broich Mohair" still works closely with the companies that refine mohair.

Purchases for the store are today made through mainly the same compounds who previously stood for the breeding of the farm's own productions. Only first-class mohair is used, and that can only be harvested from well functioning animal kept under right ethical animal conditions.

The main item in the store is, as it has been for the past 25 years, socks for all purposes and different types of knitting yarns in a great range of colours. The store’s assortment varies from finished knitted sweaters, scarves, baby vests as well as skins and blankets etc.



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