Varde Miniby

Take a walk in the past

Varde Miniby is a miniature version of Varde town as it looked around the year 1860. The town is built in the size ratio 1:10, and every single building is listed as a faithful copy of the original. Despite the fact that Varde is an old town, it is a minimal part of the original buildings that still stand today, as the Vardens have historically had bad experiences with fire. In the city, there are more than 300 buildings in the small putt version, all built by the so-called mini-masons. These mini-masons are made up of 12 retired, skilled and dexterous men who meet year-round to build the small, millimeter-accurate replicas of the old buildings. The buildings are compiled with home-cast roofs and bricks, window sections, trusses and downspouts.


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