Trindvold/Trindhøj (Viking Age fortress)

Take a walk in the past

The Middle Age fortress mounds called Trindhøj or Trindvold, are situated near Brejning. The mounds are the vestiges of an old fortification, which together with other fortresses from the Middle Age would protect against hostile attacks from the sea.

The fortress mound has a small foundation where probably a wooden tower once stood surrounded by a stave palisade. This is the nation’s best preserved fortress.

Trindhøj is a good starting point for a nature hike and a visit to Kellers Park. The fortress is also located close to Vejle Inlet and is an obvious and enjoyable historic destination for nature walks in the Vejle area.

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Destination Trekantområdet – VisitVejle

  • Trindvold/Trindhøj (Viking Age fortress)
  • Trindvold/Trindhøj
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