Tirsbæk Castle Park

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Tirsbæk Castle Park

Take a walk in the past

Tirsbæk Castle Park is very unique, since its history dates back to the Renaissance, which only a few manor estates in Denmark do. The main elements of the garden are the terrace, the vineyard, the surrounding stone wall and the moat.

Tirsbæk Castle is privately owned. The park covers 12 hectares and was landscaped in the formal Renaissance style in 1745. The main castle building is set on an islet separated from the garden by a moat. The estate parkland is bordered by a boulder wall and includes a deer park, fruit orchard and ornamental gardens as well as a terrace and a vineyard – the oldest in Denmark.

Adjacent to the castle are 400 hectares of fields, meadow and forest. It is today a combined agriculture and forestry estate.

Guided tours are available for groups. Contact Hans Henrik Algreen-Ussing on phone +45 2033 1260.

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