The sand dunes

Take a walk in the past

Natures defence against the North Sea. The sand dunes along the North Sea are a special kind of nature and the large stretches of dunes are outstanding in Europe. The areas surrounding the dunes have become popular holiday and leisure destinations for both national and international visitors. The dunes developed when the ocean throughout time deposited sand on the beach. The wind carried it over land where it was caught by obstacles and formed dunes. A large problem on the West coast has been the destruction of the dunes. Storms and the ocean current have throughout the year “eaten” so many metres of the dune that in some places the fear that the ocean would breakthrough the dunes have been present. To take precautions against this there have been made stone fences on the beach or groins in the water. Other places the coast is being secured by beach nourishments. The harbour entrance in Hvide Sande is constantly being filled up with sand and therefore you can see the sand-pumping dredger between piers removing the sand so the ships can pass the entrance. Sand is being pumped up on the beach to protect the dunes under any storm. However, the dunes are more vulnerable than indicated at first. To take precautions against drifting sand, new lyme grass and galea are planted all the time. This job is extremely important because protecting the dunes is necessary for the existence of the people living by the sea. Therefore we ask that all our visitors use the marked paths and under no circumstances dig in the dunes. Only by respecting the nature we can preserve it. Get further information on how to move around in the dunes at our tourist offices.

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Destination Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande
Destination Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande

  • The sand dunes
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