The Island Endelave

Take a walk in the past

The Island Endelave lies as a little gem in the ocean, just off Horsens Fjord.

The scenery on the island is very diverse, and varies from cultured areas at the centre of the island, to large protected nature areas in the north and south, full of rare plants and plentiful wildlife. The whole island is surrounded by a stunning coastline, which changes from the dramatic landscape surrounding the cliff, Kloben to nice sandy beaches and clear bathing waters.

On the northernmost part of the island, Øvre, is a large preserved nature area. Here, heather, pine thickets and small lakes shape the landscape, which attracts large colonies of seabirds, such as terns and gulls.

To the south, is the area Lynger Hage, another preserved nature area, dominated by heather, rowan berries, pine and oak trees.

In the small town, Endelave By, you will find the village pond, old farmhouses, a traditional windmill and a church, dating back to the 15th century.

The island is especially well suited for holidays. With sandy bathing beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking or biking – or maybe go rabbit hunting with ferrets.  

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