The Industrial Museum (Industrimuseet)

Take a walk in the past

Do you know what ’the old days’ smell like?

If not, then you can smell and experience it in authentic surroundings it at the Industrial Museum. The Industrial Museum gives you the amazing story about how the industrialization shaped our society and the way we live. It is for everyone and you can experience all of life’s stages.

As soon as you enter the museum, you can feel it: You have stepped back in time and now it is easy to get an impression of what life was like for your parents, your grandparents and their parents.


Do your children also 'look' best with their fingertips?

Then there is nothing to worry about because this is heaven for curious fingers! At the Industrial Museum, there is room for play, and if you follow the footprints going through the buildings, you will be sure to experience it all.

You will visit the assembly line, where you can compete and see who is fastest at assembling ball bearings. Enter the worker’s living quarters with apartments from different decades in the 20th Century. Step inside the old stores at the shopping street. Observe the impressive machines the plant room.

And how about visiting the old school, the textile factory, or the packaging printing factory? At the Industrial Museum you can learn about the old crafts, communicated in an exciting way. And you are allowed to touch!


The Children’s Moped Repair Shop

In this new playful exhibition at children’s level has workbenches, toolboxes, children’s boiler suits, and an authentic workshop atmosphere from bygone times.

Someone has disassembled a Puch Maxi from 1973, and the museum do not know how to assemble it again. They need help from curious kids asap!


Museum Pass - visit 4 Horsens museums in 7 days

Experience 4 museums in Horsens with just one ticket: The Museum Pass gives you 7 days access to FÆNGSLET, the Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum.

You can look forward to lots of exciting experiences and stories. With the museum pass, you save money on the entrance fee and also get two cups of coffee or tea.

Remember to check opening hours on the individual museum's website before your visit, as some of the museums are closed on Mondays outside the high season.
You can purchase the Museum Pass at the entrance to one of the four museums or you can book your Museum Pass online here.

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