The house of Hedvigs

Take a walk in the past

Læsø Museum bought Hedvig's House in 1994 to save one of the very characteristic Læsø plants with half-timbered timber works and seaweed roofs from being demolished.
The idea of the acquisition was from the beginning to create a framework for dissemination to the Museum's audience of daily life on Læsø at a time when people were following the raw materials from field and sea to table and use.
Today, the house appears as one long building, with a stable on the east end and housing on the west end.
The building belongs to a plot of land of approx. 6 acres of land.
The entire area has been drained by ditches being dug.
The area is now cultivated by a house pool of volunteer workers.

During the summer season and in the autumn holidays, on Tuesdays and and Thursdays, the pool will be open from 10am. 10-14.

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