The Funen Military History Collection

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The Funen Military History Collection

Take a walk in the past

At Funens historical military collection (Fyns Militærhistoriske Museum), it is possible to dive deep into funens war history, the resistance movement and funens civil guard force. The history behind funens military efforts is told through exhibitions with original artefacts, such as uniforms, diaries, weapons, photos and videos. In addition to this, there is also a tank and anti-tank steel blockades on site. 

Explore two themed exhibitions with a special focus on; the Funen Life Regiment and the German Occupation.

The Funen Life Regiment existed from 1614 until 1991, inside the museum you can experience, among other things, a special exhibition concerning their musical corps.

The German occupation can be seen in the form of the German Armed Forces' presence, the resistance movement that was formed and the post-war time period on Funen.

The historical military collection also hosts a large library of books concerning military history, security policies, defenses and the personal accounts of soldiers in the war. 


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