The Flax Weaving Museum – a working Factory

Take a walk in the past

At the Flax Weaving Museum at Krengerup Manor you can experience textile production on 100 years old looms. They all originate from the abandoned Tommerup Weaving Factory and represent a piece of Danish industrial history, which is made alive by many volunteers. Here you will find table cloths, napkins, tea towels and much more, woven according to the old patterns.
The cultivation and processing of flax from plant to woven linen is of course also part of the exhibition as well as the history of the weaving, which is illustrated by the vast collection of looms – from antiquity to computer control. So, we are not just a Weaving Museum, but also a Flax Museum.

We are always ready to give a tour of the museum, where we you will also find changing exhibitions of art and textiles, a rich museum shop with our own and others' products and a café, where lunch or coffee can be enjoyed.

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