The 7 artworks

Take a walk in the past

Alrø once again make their mark on the map as an active and different island. It happens with the creation of seven major works of art which several of the island's citizens have helped to create.

Behind the initiative stands Lene Henriksen - also known as patty-master at Café Alrø . As a passionate artist working with rocks she  now realizes an old dream of creating a permanent exhibition on the island.

Seven giant stones have been purchased, and they will be transformed into works of art in collaboration with the island's residents, who will have the opportunity to try out the creative element in making the effects to be mounted in and on the rocks.

- We may not have a supermarket or a Metro Station on Alrø, but we have clear sky, unspoiled nature and a great community on the island. With the seven works of art, I highlight the fact that the island is very much alive while showing art in a different way, says Lene Henriksen.

The first stone-artwork is to be placed immediately after the dam - the last being at Café Alrø, where you will be able to see photos of the entire work process with a smartphone

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