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Take a walk in the past

The two French brothers RATUR (Arthur Maslard) and SCKARO (Oskar Maslard) painted their first mural in 2001, and since then, they have painted many more around the world. The two brothers manage to bridge the gap between graffiti art and realism in their work, and they often depict the human form in a kind of broken reality. RATUR and SCKARO have showed in France, USA and Australia, and now even in Aalborg, where guests and residents can enjoy the work of the two skilled brothers in their mural “A Trip in Time”.

The work questions how different types of communication affect the relations between people. The artists wish to connect the past with the present and make the spectator aware of the tremendous changes which communication between people has undergone in recent years.

The mural is part of Gallery Kirk’s project “Out in the Open”.

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Destination NORD - Aalborg
Destination NORD - Aalborg

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