Street Art "Out in the Open" - Case Maclaim - Hobrovej 46

Take a walk in the past

The artist says the following about the gable painting on Hobrovej:

"It's great to be back in Aalborg after having previously made the work 'Carnival is Cancelled' with KIRK Gallery a few years ago in Vejgaard.

It is a beautiful and lovely city and always nice to be here.

With my new gable painting in the city, I also wanted to spread a small reminder to always remember the small joys in everyday life, when other things can be difficult and work hard.

I have therefore with great pleasure used my friend and artist colleague Curtis Hylton as odel, who has also just been here to create a gable painting, with a small smiling reminder on his knee, which might also put a smile on others' faces and remember that Appreciate the small happy things in everyday life.”

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Destination NORD - Aalborg
Destination NORD - Aalborg

  • Street Art "Out in the Open" - Case Maclaim - Hobrovej 46
  • Hobrovej 46
    9000 Aalborg
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