Street art - Okuda - Egholmsgade 7

Take a walk in the past

The Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel works with geometric shapes, colourful patterns and grey bodies representing the human condition. Okuda often emphasizes the conflict between modernity and our roots, and often, his work depicts themes such as existentialism, the universe, infinity, the meaning of life and the false freedom of capitalism. Okuda was born in 1980 in Santander, Spain and has worked together with companies such as Kia Motors, Nike, Kellogs and Adidas. He has painted murals in Morocco, Italy, India and the UK and many other countries all over the world.

The mural was made during WE AArt 2015.

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Destination NORD - Aalborg
Destination NORD - Aalborg

  • Street art - Okuda - Egholmsgade 7
  • Egholmsgade 7
    9000 Aalborg