Take a walk in the past

Sognefogedgården is the last farm that remains of the old village of Vester Flade-. There were originally six houses in a row on the edge of Skagen Odde, with moorland and meadows to the north and the good agricultural land to the south.

Today, the farms either removed or converted into ordinary residential properties, and agricultural land was parceled out to the industrial, commercial and residential areas. Only Sognefogedgården remains as a small untouched gem. It stands as a farm from the 1900s, with all its furniture from its last owner Peter Munk, who was a very thrifty man.

Sognefogedgården is a great place if you are interested to see how an ordinary peasant family lived at that time.

When the farm is open there will be servert that Madam Blue coffee on the old stove in the small kitchen.

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