Rungstedlund garden and bird sanctuary

Take a walk in the past

The garden and grove that surrounds Rungstedlund is a serene nature area where you can wander among majestic trunks of 250 - 300-year-old beech trees and enjoy an incredibly abundant birdlife. There is 24-hour access.

In 1958 Karen Blixen took the initiative to transform the garden and grove at Rungstedlund into a bird sanctuary, to give the migratory birds a place to be. The bird sanctuary is today under the supervision of the Danish Ornithological Association, which has set up and maintains about 200 bird boxes. As a result, 40 different bird species hatching in the grove.

A stroll through the garden

Start at the Karen Blixen Museum's main entrance. If you follow the path past the pond and the white bridge, you arrive at the orchard and cutting garden. Most of the year it supplies Rungstedlund's living rooms with fresh flowers. The path continues through the grove, along the way you will find benches named after birds or people with a personal connection to the house. The trail ends at the highest point of the grove, the mound Ewalds Høj, named after the poet Johannes Ewald, who stayed at Rungsted Inn in the 18th century. Karen Blixen is buried at the foot of the mound, under the big beech.

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