Purhøj hill

Take a walk in the past

Purhøj is one of Denmark's largest hills with its distinctive appearance and circle of beech trees on the top which are visible from afar.

The top is located 121 metres above sea level and the top of the hill offers excellent views of Horsens city and Horsens Fjord. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Aarhus to the north and to Æbelø north of Funen. The hill is located a few kilometres from the southern outskirts of Horsens and just 7 kilometres from Horsens City Centre.

The hill is an ancient burial mound from the Late Stone Age. The burial mound has, unfortunately, already been excavated, and the grave left as a low circular embankment.

Archaeological excavations have provided only a few findings in the form of flint spearheads; however, not far from the top, a larger burial site with significant archaeological finds had been located.

According to an old tale, Purhøj was also a gathering place for witches and trolls on Walpurgis night when witches were carried to the hill by she-devils.



A short distance from Purhøj, you find the old gallows hill, Galgebakken, which rises to 111 metres above sea level. As the name suggests, Galgebakken has a dramatic past as the place of execution of criminals and murderers.

Here, thieves were hanged with their swag on their backs and murderers decapitated in public. The last execution was carried out in 1856 when Søren Bundgård Rasmussen was sentenced to decapitation and having his head put on a stake for murdering a 14-year-old girl.



Purhøj is included in BestigBjerge, a game where you find codes at the foot and at the top of a significant number of Denmark's highest hills.

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