Odense Bunker Museum

Take a walk in the past

Would you like to explore a fully intact 450 m2 nuclear bunker from the 1950s?

This bunker has been restored to pristine condition and includes a majority of the original artefacts from the cold war era. The bunker further displays 3 exhibitions that each show a different side of the cold war. This includes the civil defence forces, the enemy from the east and the police force.

The bunker was built in 1953/54, it formerly housed Odense Municipality's command centre, and this was the location that the mayor and key personnel went to in a worst-case scenario during the Cold War. With space for about 30-35 key employees, it's own electricity, water and food supply, this bunker was prepared to be completely sealed off for an entire month!

Practical Information:

Guided tours are at 11 and 14 o'clock and are included in the admission fee. 

The bunker is located under the youth hostel Kragsbjerggården, Kragsbjergvej 121, 5230 Odense M.

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