Nivaagaard Teglværks Ring Oven

Take a walk in the past

Teglværksmuseet Nivaagaard Teglværks Ring Oven

Visit the brickworks museum in Nivå, where Nivaagaard Tileworks produced many tiles from 1701 until 1980 – mainly bricks, roof tiles and drainage pipes. The museum is the only brickworks museum in Sealand. The ring kiln - which burned bricks from 1870 to 1967, is the last preserved circular ring kiln in Denmark, and there are only a few others left in the world.

Today, the ring oven tells the story of the technological development in Denmark and the rest of Europe in the mid-19th century. At the same time, it stands as a representative of an almost disappeared industrial environment.

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  • Nivaagaard Teglværks Ring Oven
  • Teglværksvej 23, Ringovnen i Nivå
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