Meet the countess of the manor

Take a walk in the past

The beginning of the 18th century

The room's interior is inspired by the young noble couple Count Christen Schell and Augusta Winterfeldt, who came to live at Gammel Estrup in 1717 and modernised the place in the fashion of the times.

The rooms are decorated in the richly-coloured aesthetic style of the baroque, with magnificent tapestries, stucco ceilings, painted floors, and decorated panels and doors. Together with their exclusive furnishings, they demonstrate the Scheel family’s position as one of Denmark’s leading families of the time.

The rooms include the Countess’ bedchamber ‘The Red Bedroom’ with its impressive bed of state, The Cabinet by the Red Bedroom where the countess was dressed and had her hair powdered, The Room of the Lady’s Maid, where the countess’ personal maid lived, and the Countess’ Chamber, where important guests were served tea and perhaps played a game of cards.

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