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Take a walk in the past

The Museum Farm Karensminde
At the Museum Farm Karensminde, you experience life in the countryside 100 years ago. Here, it smells of fresh air, hay, and a bit of manure. From inside the barn, you can hear the pigs grunting with joy when the farmer comes with today’s meal. You can see the cows grazing in the meadow with the old irrigation canal system. Let your children play in the Centipede Park and pet the soft rabbits. See the giant Jutland workhorses in the meadow, and the historical tractors that replaced them in the field. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee by the beautiful farmhouse and get our homebrewed beer in our souvenir shop.

Special exhibitions
In the Exhibition Building, the planes are hanging low above your head. Behind the blackout curtains you find stories of people - children and parents who experienced World War II and the occupation that turned everything upside down. Also, for the railway. TRACKING the Occupation contains artefacts from one of the largest collections of WWII artefacts in Denmark, and tells us the extraordinary history of the railway during the Nazi-occupation of Denmark 1940-45. Saboteurs blew up the rails, the wagons transported German troops and later German refugees, and Grindsted Station was the center of it all. Learn about the fates of people in the resistance, in the changes of everyday life, the Wehrmacht and the German refugees – a history that is most relevant today.

Guided tours
Book a guided tour in the town of your choosing. All towns in the municipality contain an important part of our common history, and this is the focus of our guided tours.
Let our digital city guide take you around the municipality’s towns or visit the war memorials. Download the city walks via the Useeum app.


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