Louise's Island

Take a walk in the past

In the small lake Ødammen in Frederiksborg Castle Garden lies the slightly mysterious and alluring island, Louise's Island.

Louise's Island is named after Louise Rasmussen, better known as Countess Danner, Frederik 7's wife.

A little piece of Norway

When Frederik 7 made the romantic part of the castle garden, he established the lakes Badstuedammen and Ødammen, the last artificial island. At Louise's Island, he built a log cabin, a miniature of a Norwegian manor. The plantation on the island consists of pine and birch trees to illustrate Norwegian nature. The Norwegian theme was meant to recreate a small piece of lost Norway that Denmark had to abandon in 1814.

Garden architecture with focus points

The romantic part of the castle garden is inspired by English garden art, winding paths and a return to nature. Part of the style is to create focus points in the garden, hence the Norwegian log cabin.

Frederik and Louise's get-away

There is no public access to Louise's Island – which is true to the spirit of the place. The island was meant as a retreat for the royal couple. However, you can enjoy the view as an exciting and curious feature in the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle Garden.

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