Langesø Castle

Take a walk in the past

The beautiful manor house Langesø Castle is situated next to the long and narrow lake which has given name to the place - Langesø means long lake.

The present building was built in 1774-78. But ever since the time of Queen Margrethe I, there has been a manor house here. There have been several main buildings; the one built in 1554 even had a tower but had to be demolished because it was too close to the lake and the soft lake bottom. A new timber-frame building was erected in the late 17th century, until it too was replaced 100 years later.

The manor has had many owners, mainly from the three noble families of Skinkel, Bryske and Berner. The last owner of the manor house did not have any direct heirs and donated the estate to a foundation which must always have a member of the Berner family as chairman.

Langesø Castle is privately owned and only to be seen from the road. However, the large forest surroundings by the castle invites you to go for a walk. It is possible to rent a boat and sail on the lake.
Horseback riding is also possible in the forest or biking on the MTB tracks. Please note that you must buy a licence to be able to go for a ride in the forest.

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