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Take a walk in the past

Tisvilde Art School (Kunstskolen) is a private initiative to promote the creation and understanding of art (painting and photography) for children, young people and adults visiting the Tisvilde area.

In other words, art is for everyone, and here there are no restrictions or access requirements.

At the art school, we work with you and your expression. You express your impressions, and you are in focus.

Tisvilde Art School offers a series of courses, workshops and FotoWalk's that take the starting point in either the photograph or the painting. The focal point is the art and you as an artist (amateur or professional).

The art school is run by Ole Jauch, who is himself an active visual artist, photographer, coach and teacher. Ole is himself is a resident in Tisvilde and believes that the place and surroundings, the sea and Tisvilde Enclosure, but also areas like Heather Hills and Tegner’s Museum / Little Russia, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

During the year, different courses and events are arranged. See more at the art school website.

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