Kunstforeningen GL STRAND

Take a walk in the past

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND is a modern exhibition hall with an extensive history. GL STRAND features 6 – 8 major exhibitions of modern and contemporary art annually.

Kunstforeningen Gl Strand is a modern exhibition hall with an extensive history. Gl Strand was renovated in 2010 and has reopened its doors for a newly refurbished and future exhibition space. The goal is to stay abreast of the newest tendencies within Danish and international contemporary art, the key objective being the support of young artists. They aim at propagating the understanding of art in general through exhibitions of contemporary art. Thus, the visions today are no different from when Gl Strand was founded in 1825.

As an exhibition hall, Gl Strand does not have a permanent collection. This gives Gl Strand a great deal of freedom and allows us a curatorial openness and experimental flexibility that is different from that of the traditional museum. Throughout history Gl Strand has had a tradition for presenting the Danish audience with new art, and for putting art into
new contexts and different framesets. His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Denmark is the patron of Gl Strand.

Their café offers a inspirational and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked cake while you read from the wide selection of books. 

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